Switching from Covance to non-animal testing lab

I don’t know how difficult this would be for Rosa Labs, but since they market their product as vegan it might make a material number of their customers feel a little better. Because of the recent Prop 65 “litigation,” I looked in to the company they used to test the Lead and Cadmium levels of soylent. A quick google search turned up that in addition to the kinds of testing they performed for Rosa Labs, Covance also performs animal testing for companies. I don’t know why Rosa Labs picked Covance, or if every company that does the types of testing Covance does also does animal testing, but if it’s possible to contract to a non-animal testing lab without a significant cost difference that would be nice. I’m not gonna cancel all my orders or anything, it’s not like Soylent is tested on animals, but it would mean a lot to me and probably some of the other vegan customers. Thanks for reading.


Isn’t that a little bit like asking RL to source all their oats from animal-free farms? As long as no animals were used in testing Soylent, the product is not financially encouraging harm to animals, so I’m not sure it should be an issue.


If sourcing from animal-free farms doesn’t affect the bottom line or quality of the product, then why not? Again, I’m not boycotting soylent or anything, it would just mean a lot to >=1 customer.

Animal testing is vague, are we talking eye liner and shampoo, or AIDS and cancer drugs?

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Try not to bring any hints of logic, reason or non-fanaticism into this please…

I would think AIDS and cancer drugs research would be done by the companies that develops those drugs? I wouldn’t imagine they need to outsource their testing.

That’s incredibly offensive and dismissive and also violates the community code of conduct.

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They probably chose Covance because it was the most affordably and accurate option available to them, so I doubt they’ll switch to a different Lab simply because of what other companies choose to use the facilities for.

I agree that it would probably help with sales. At the same time though, I wouldn’t trust them as much if they based decisions on public opinion. If a large enough portion of RL’s customers think the way I do, it could actually hurt sales.

I work for on of the largest biotechs in the world, if it doesn’t involve mice, rats, guinea pigs, or rabbits it is out sourced, sometimes even studies involving those animals are out sourced in we don’t have enough room in the vivarium.

As wms pointed out if RL doesn’t use animal products or outsource animal testing themselves, then you’re basically asking them to boycott labs that do. I don’t think RL is a political activism group, they just make Soylent products.

On a side note, I thought scientific animal testing was regulated by pretty strict third party assessment?