Synthetic chicken protein possible?


I find chicken protein the easiest protein to digest. I wonder if there is a way to mimic that protein with vegetable protein or chemicals? I’m not a scientist so I have no idea about these type of things. Ideas?


I have no idea either, but I read that someone was working on a very close imitation of “meat”, and I think that “beef” and “chicken” were the two varities they were targeting.


Beyond Meat make fake chicken and beef. I’ve only had the chicken, which is excellent. Of course the digestibility will be similar to soy protein isolate and pea protein isolate, since that is what they use.


Actual synthetic meat is on the way… but beef is first.

There’s a bigger advantage to be gained on cost, moral issues, and environmental footprint from tackling beef before chicken.

Pork or whale will probably come next.


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But… then Soylent would actually be made of people.

I say, nay, nay.


Veridian Dynamics is way ahead of you!