System doesn't recognize my order is a reorder


I’ve been on Soylent for the past 2 months and made my reorder (monthly sub) about a week ago. I looked at my member portal today and the system doesn’t seem to recognize that I’m reordering but thinks I’m a new customer. How can I fix this? Have emailed the customer service but last time it took them about a month to reply and I cant wait for my soylent that long since I’ve incorporated it into my daily life now…


Let’s tag @Soylent for this so the topic will be brought to their attention.


Did you use the same email address as your original order?


Yes. I made sure several times that I used the exact same of everything, shipping address as well.


I’m wondering about the same thing. I created an account using the same email address I used for my initial BackerKit order, placed my reorder for a monthly subscription on 10/07 and the Customer Portal is treating it as a new order, providing a 10-12 week delivery estimate. Any advice, @Soylent?


Hello @denkert @OpieTaylor – apologies for the confusion. Right now we identify reorders using scripts that do not directly integrate into the subscription system, which means that all users (new and existing) see the 10-12 week delay message. But worry not! So long as you use the same email address as previous orders, your subscriptions will ship in 1-2 weeks after creation.


@Soylent, thank you for the confirmation. I ordered a week’s supply initially and have been rationing it by replacing 1-2 meals a day during the week. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my energy level, mood and focus, I can’t wait to see what going 100% can do for me!


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