Take a look at my macros?


Recently posted about paleo/non-allergenic…this is neither, technically. Close as I could come with my own personal restrictions.

maltodextrin 92 g
whey isolate 100g
dextrin 15g
shredded coconut 100g (ground into flour)
fish oil 10ml
sweet potato starch 100g
coconut oil 22g

Fiber 31.4g
Omega 3 - 3.2g

2018 cal
176 carbs
96.35 protein
fat 97.31


I would suggest that you input all of this into http://www.makesoylent.com/ as it is a really good way to check your numbers.


I do have it there. I have it marked private though, and am not honestly sure about how to open it to be viewed by others.


Go to your recipe, click the “edit” button at the top, next to the button that adds ingredients to amazon cart. Then uncheck the box that says " Make my recipe private". Boom, now other people can see your recipe.


Thank you. Here is my recipe. I’m still low/missing a few vitamins.

Someone’s going to mention that the niacin is too high. In the research that I’ve done, many therapies have been done with up to 3 grams of niacin without toxic effects. I’m not sure why the RDI upper limit is set so low. It’s an unavoidable amount with the vitamins I have included (I’m not sure that I’ll be keeping them, I just wanted to see how much was left out with the GNC Women’s formula because a friend gave rave reviews about it) - There was 50mg just in the one GNC formula though, which is already above the 35 mg recommendation. When I contacted GNC about it, they sent me back an email talking about how the b vitamins are water soluble so if they’re too high, your body will excrete them. I think a lot of the warnings about niacin come from a misunderstanding of the “flushing” effect that you get with it. Most people (and even a lot of articles that I read on it >_o attribute it to an allergic reaction. It’s not though.


nice to see another woman taking the plunge :] i’m almost done with my recipe, only one last ingredient to vett. the only thing i see is that some of your vitamins are really really high and this might actually be due to the issue that tripped me up a bunch as well, which is that the labels will list things in mg or mcg and makesoylent.com has them in g. getting the decimal right will fix those. also, which nutrient profile did you base your custom profile on? i based mine originally on the one called “U.S. government DRI, female 19-30, Sedentary, Non-Lactating” and after poking around fnic.nal.usda.gov found a few discrepancies. i updated my personal profile but haven’t complied the changes into a post yet.


I used to be a bit of a nerd about nutrition. I wanted to be a nutritionist for a while, until I realized just how effed up the profession was because of politics. It’s been a long time since I’ve done research though, and because of the health problems I’m dealing with, my memory is absolute crap right now. I can’t recall a lot of the specifics of things that I used to know, or came across.

I based mine on the same one you did, but changed my macro %'s and I assumed from the first that I’d be largely ignoring the vitamin recommendations. From what I remember, the RDI is based on the absolute minimum you need to avoid clinical deficiencies (things like scurvy, or pellegra). It doesn’t at all take into account subclinical deficiencies which a lot of people have. So, my plan was to start with those recommendations and then research whatever ended up topping those.

Since I have digestive problems, I’m operating under the assumption that I am not currently absorbing a lot in the way of vitamins, so the high levels shouldn’t be a problem. Right now, I’m only planning on doing straight soylent for a month, to try to heal some issues. During that time, I’ll reevaluate what I might not need as much of. If the digestive issues resolve, which I think they might, I’ll def need less. Then I’m going to do soylent in the morning and afternoon, and eat a healthy dinner…so I’ll definitely be reevaluating my nutrient needs.

I’m also working with a natural Dr. who’s going to be recommending some stuff for me, so I’ll have to take that into account. I’ll be tinkering with it for at least another month before I start ordering ingredients.

I’ll double check my numbers but I did a lot of converting while entering them. I’m pretty sure they’re right, they’re just high because they’re not normal multivitamins.


Choline - http://purebulk.com/choline-bitartrate-powder.html, every 750mg is 300mg of Choline.

Potassium and Chloride - http://purebulk.com/potassium-chloride-powder.html, every 1g has .476g chlorine and .524g potassium and if you find that you cant get enough potassium or chloride with this, try using table salt or potassium gluconate.

Magnesium - http://purebulk.com/magnesium-carbonate-powder.html, 1mg contains .228mg of magnesium

Phosphorus - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008BRBVZW?tag=19-82341-20, This one has sodium in it unfortunately and this makes it a little bit tricky, 1g of this contains .258g of Phosphorus and .192g of sodium. I looked at your number and 2g puts you perfect for both sodium and phosphorus.


Thanks! Powders are so preferable to taking more pills. Ug. I think I still have some choline pills though, so I’ll run those out before introducing the powder. Same with the mag, but I’ll definitely be getting the potassium/chloride and phosphorus.

Sodium’s not too much of a problem for me. Along with all the other issues, adrenal fatigue is a problem and higher doses of sodium help with that.

Thank you so much! (My brain is seriously so tired from researching today)


Wooops I forgot Sulfur… http://purebulk.com/msm-methylsulfonylmethane-powder.html, As some of your sulfur comes from the protein I would recommend about 1ish grams of this. Sulfur content per 1g is 0.341g

Yea, I am trying to avoid pills as much as possible, the 3 pills that somehow I couldn’t replace I am planning on crushing them.


quick question, the Himalayan salt, are you sure that it only has sodium in it? As table salt is made up of sodium and chloride is there any reason this should be different?


himalayan salt is gonna have as much chloride and sodium as table salt, just with a variation on other trace elements.
http://www.saltnews.com/chemical-analysis-natural-himalayan-pink-salt/ gives a pretty good breakdown. Keep in mind that it will vary significantly over one batch to the next, but that the average over time should approach the values discussed.


Ahh thanks thats what I thought, In that case you need to add the chloride to the entry for the salt


Thanks. The site that I took my info from didn’t include anything but sodium. I knew there were other trace minerals, but figured the amount would be tiny. I didn’t think about chloride.


Sodium Chlroide is sodium chloride, salt from a natural source is just not iodized and has trace amounts of other things.

KCL (potassium chloride)= 52.445% potassium and 47.55% chloride
MgCl2(magneisum chloride) = 25.528% magneisum and 74.472% chlorine
NaCl (sodium chloride / table salt) = 39.337% sodium and 60.663% chlorine