Take a look at my personal recipe please?


My recipe

Some details about me
490 (I’m told it looks like 350)
I have a fair amount of muscle and used to weight lift but I havent found a good gym yet after moving
I’m fairly addicted to carbs but dont handle them well which is why I have to macro ratio as it is

The recipe I cam up with is a combination of Rob’s and the soy milk soylent recipe tweaked for me

Any questions, comments, criticisms would be appreciated

The brands aren’t hard and fast, Im open to suggestions

I forgot to mention that this will be divided into two shakes and I will still eat a solid food meal, if I decided to go all liquid, the macros would be increased 50%

  1. Scrolling down your ingredients list makes my eyes hurt.
  2. The way your calorie units are listed have you consuming 1,777,000 calories. Per day. I don’t care how much you lift, that would absolutely kill you. Also, probably not be possible.
  3. Seems like a really high fat to calorie ratio. Does this have to do with needing to consume less carbs?
  4. I don’t think I’ve seen any other recipe with Floride in it. Can I ask what your reasoning for including it is?
  5. Seems like a lot of sulfur. You might not need that much.

Other than those things, looks good.


TECHNICALLY 1,777,000 calories is a bit low.
I hate that people say “calorie” every time they mean “kilo-calories” :stuck_out_tongue:


1 - yeah, the layout could be better
2 - like CuriousBen said, when people say calorie, what they actually mean is kilo-calorie
3 - I dont need to consume fewer carbs, but the fat is there to make up the caloric difference
4 - There isn’t actually any fluoride in the recipe, the items along the top was taken from a dietary reference list
5 - The amount of sulfur is probably off, I haven’t found what percentage of MSM is sulfur


I forgot to mention that this will be divided into two shakes and I will still eat a solid food meal, if I decided to go all liquid, the macros would be increased 50%


Hi Essextrain :slight_smile:

The few things I would say are:

1)Was going to comment on the low cals, but you mentioned the 3rd meal. Looks about right :slight_smile:
2)Jarrow MSM (I think, unless I have got it wrong somewhere on my ss) is 1/3 sulphur.
3)Iron might be too high, potentially. Depends on the form used in the iron capsule. (heme or non heme, if non heme its probably ok, if heme half it) also see 4)
4)I didn’t see any flavourings added. If you use cocoa powder this will include a fair bit of iron, magnesium and other things
5)Calcium and Magnesium seem a little off… i.e. I would drop the calc to 1k or below and try to get mag near to 350.
6)No worries imo about the higher fat.

5 is more ‘moving towards optimal’ :wink: - the iron is the only thing I saw slightly concerning (and that depends on the iron in the supp).


Hi SaladFace :smile:

2 - I’ll update my sulfur amounts accordingly
3 - The iron pill is iron chelate, taken separately from the shakes, I read that calcium interferes with iron absorption, so I’m barely counting the rest of the iron
4 - I’m not planning on flavorings yet, using just whats in the two proteins and the serious mass, but if I do, I will adjust accordingly
5 - I was actually considering replacing the calmag powder with a strait magnesium powder. Rob uses magnesium gluconate, but that seems to be hard to find in powder form, and I read another study saying magnesium citrate has more bio-availability, so I may just go that route

Thank you for the notes



http://www.convertunits.com/molarmass/C2H6O2S << very useful.