[taken!] Giving away 39 pouches of 1.6 in the Bay area

[edit: just gave a way the soylent]

I have 39 pouches of unopened Soylent 1.6 powder that expire in June and July of 2017. I’m one of the population that is intolerant to the stuff unfortunately.
(I’ve been a Soylent consumer since 1.0 and still enjoy 2.0 on a daily basis, but I just can’t stomach 1.6)
I’m giving it away since Soylent has already refunded me and I’d rather have someone use it than throw it away.
Contact me at [brianpeiris at gmail dot com]

(Sorry if this is against the forum rules, I’ll remove the post if necessary)


I wish I was in the area. Any chance of me paying for shipment to Philadelphia, PA 19153 via paypal? I love the 1.6 and hope the 1.7 will as close to it as possible…

Sorry…didn’t see the “taken!”…