Takeya Pitcher Tips!


I recently stopped taking the top off when cleaning my Takeya pitcher for a few days, and then when I took it of again, ick. So I decided to start a thread for advice on best pitcher use, from experience. My contributions:

  • Always take the top off the pitcher when cleaning, not just the screw lid. It doesn’t take long, and you avoid a gunk build-up. (I don’t need to pull out the two silicon gaskets.)
  • When rinsing soap from the pitcher, holding it upside-down and shooting a sprayer upwards inside is MUCH faster
  • When making soylent, always add a couple inches of water before adding the powder, and then mix immediately - this ovoids sticking on the bottom. Otherwise, the psyllium in the powder will quickly form a glue-like bond to the edges of the pitcher, and may take a long time to soak up enough water to come “loose” again.
  • When closing the pitcher, don’t over-tighten, just make it snug - squeezing the silicon gaskets deforms them and causes leaks. Either one, if deformed, can make the pitcher leak. Tightening tip: unscrew both the lid and the handle. Then hold the pitcher in one hand and the lid in the other and screw it on; the lid and the handle will simultaneously tighten… but as you snug it up, one of them will stop moving first. That’s when you stop tightening; when one stops moving, they’re both tight enough.

Feel free to add any more you come across!

Gritty vs creamy
Has anyone found a better pitcher/blender?

I make one meal a day, and use blender bottle. I also add inch of water or so first too. Makes it MUCH easier to mix powder!


I’m having leakage problems with my bottle. Thanks for the tip. Perhaps I’m over tightening.

From a manufacturer’s standpoint: There shouldn’t be a “trick” to making a simple bottle not leak.

Is there a better bottle out there for mixing a whole bag?


My tightening technique is a bit simpler: I screw on the handle until the handle itself lines up with an edge of the ‘oval’ of the bottle, then screw on the lid until the top handle lines up with the main handle.

In other words, screw both on so that they look like the official pictures.


@ravenvii, I like that as a typical procedure, but a couple people have noted that theirs rotate to unusual degrees.


@resistnine, I know what you mean - but rubber gaskets have their own problems. They are more tolerant of over-tightening, but they don’t last as long - they tend to dry out and need to be replaced. When rubber starts to degrade, it will work better when warm than when cold - imaging sealing a bottle well, putting in in the fridge sideways, and when the gasket cools, it starts to drip…

Silicone is very long-lasting and tolerant of temperature swings, but is a soft material, and can be over-tightened. Also, if you pull the gasket out, silicone is more fun to play with than rubber gaskets. :slight_smile:

As far as good alternatives - @asympt has “recommended the Frigoverre two-liter glass pitcher before and will do so again.” If I were buying right now, that’s what I’d get.


Both my bottles have started leaking. One came from RL and the other from Amazon.

Pity since they were working pretty well.

Does anyone have a better solution that will last longer without replacing parts?

I wouldn’t mind a bigger pitcher but I’m into this lifestyle for the convenience as well as the nutritional benefits and such…So having to replace things isn’t a attractive solution for me.

Function over form if necessary…Let the thing work well and I’d forgive a little on the appearance side of things…


You should specify how you prep/use Soylent if looking for recommendations - Shake? Immersion blender? Store flat in fridge, or vertical? Want a thermal picther to take the whole thing with you? Etc.

Also, if you do want to replace the rings, Takeya is good about it - $2 for a set of four rings, free shipping:

But I think you should start by pulling our your four rings and seeing if they’re damaged, or just gritty/dirty/twisted. They really shouldn’t go bad or need replacing for a very long time. Silicone is long-lasting stuff, unless you cut it or seriously smash it.


Pour some water in pitcher, pour bag of Soylent in, shake, remove lid, add oil and remaining water, wipe threads, close lid, shake then lay on side in fridge.

I’ll remove the rings and look at them. If not dirty or twisted I’m looking for any recommendations including something to take it all with me.


I’ve been using 1 of the takeya for over a year. It goes in the dishwasher regularly. No leak problems except the one time one if the rings fell out and I didn’t realize it before I started shaking the pitcher. Big mess. I’ll go with the damaged ring theory.


Fast but highly effective (albeit a bit water intensive) cleaning, no need to remove the handle:

Pre-rinse with hot water… close and shake vigorously… empty… add 1/4 container super hot water … grease cutting dish soap … shake about as hard as you shake to mix up your soylent… open container… take a sturdy (not the flimsy twisted wire core ones), large bottle brush and slowly spiral around from the bottom to the top, making sure to get as much of the surface area as possible, and all the crevices… empty soapy water without rinsing… add 1/4 container of super-hot water again… shake like crazy… empty… rinse out as good as possible… add another 1/4 container of clean hot water… shake… empty… repeat rinse with cold water. Should come out the other end with absolutely no smell.


It’s in order to use less water that I ended up buying four pitchers (though not Takeyas), so that every four days I can run all of them and my blender bottles and whatever else in the dishwasher. Since I have a water-efficient dishwasher anyway.


Don’t tighten them so damned tight. Seriously. They don’t need to be super-tight to seal really well.


Prelim findings are that none of the gaskets are broken or twisted…But I did notice something…

I never remove the seals when I wash the pitchers, but since I had to in order to inspect them, I noticed that there was enough of a residue left behind that I could see and smell it…

Not good. But I learned something, which is good…

Thanks for making me think and I’ll take this and other advice including not to tighten things to much along with me when I make my next batch…


Your suggestion fixed my leak issue. Good suggestion!


I like the suggestion on adding some water to the bottom before you add the mix, I never thought of that, what a great way to prevent that problem of clumps on the bottom.


Why do you lay the pitcher on its side?


Any lid that has a gasket, take it apart and wash the lid and the gasket. Seriously. Uck.


Because it’s about 10 storeys tall. (doesn’t fit upright in many people’s fridge)


Sandwiching the soylent powder with water on both sides is a huge time saver.

Also I usually just throw water and a few drops of soap in and shake it up. Just make sure not to put water in that’s too hot or when you shake you’ll build up lots of pressure :o)