Taking a break from Soylent?


I ordered a week supply of Soylent back in January from one of the crowdfunding campaigns, and received the order last week. I’ve already begun consuming a full bag a day and ordered the 28 bag subscription a couple days ago. My question is, since there will be a lapse in time after I finish my supply of Soylent and before the new order comes in, will I be OK restarting it whenever the new order arrives? I’m having the same gas problems that others are having, and I’m hoping that by the end of the week they’ll begin to subside. However, I don’t want to be back at square one when I restart my Soylent consumption.

Does anyone else have any experience on taking a break from Soylent and coming back to it? Thanks!


Not having experienced it myself, from what I’ve seen there usually is a second adjustment period, though is somewhat less severe. Hopefully those with first hand experience will provide greater clarity.


@CookieMonster, are you drinking 1.1?


@livingparadox - Thanks, though it’s not really what I wanted to hear. Yesterday was my first full bag day, and after drinking 1.5L in under an hour, I was really struggling last night. I don’t really want to go through that again, but I suppose I will have to.

@Zenman - I am drinking 1.0. Do you know if I’ll be getting 1.1 or 1.0 from here on out?



From now on you’ll be getting 1.1.

I’ve taken a half-week break in 1.0 and readjusted quickly.


It will not be a problem! I used Joylent for 5 days straight and just started again after an break of a week. I consume it two times a day and don’t find any problems. I already got used to it, so after that it feels pretty normal.


Yes @CookieMonster, like @asympt said, it’s all Soylent 1.1 from here on out! :smile:


I do highly recommend starting with only one Soylent meal a day. I started few days on Soylent as breakfast. It’s been great besides little bit adjustment. I get gas even with 1.1 recipe, but then it’s MUCH more fiber than I usually get. I mean, I usually eat junk food as breakfast before, no fiber in lunch, and mostly little in dinner. Now I get full meal worth a day. However it’s already getting better in 4th day.

Anyway you will need some time to adjust to completely different food.