Taking pills on an all Soylent diet?


I keep reading that after an all Soylent diet, you won’t be able to digest other foods. Does that include pills such as antibiotics or aspirin?


Where did you read that? I’m fairly certain it is wholly inaccurate…
People have had a bit of a transition period as their body “gets used to” the difference, but nobody has become unable to digest food


In the interview with Rob Rhinehart posted on theatlantic.com yesterday.

It says:
"So, I’m wondering how efficient you can get with all of this. If you’re consuming only essential nutrients and everything is used, it must cut down on bodily waste significantly. How close can you get to zero waste?

Well, there will always be something, because waste comes from other places too - dead red blood cells, for example. But if you were as elemental as possible, there would be a very, very small amount, primarily because most of the waste is due to fiber. It’s your gut bacteria. So, if you let those die off, there will be precious little waste. That’s basically what I did by consuming very, very little fiber. And, I felt great. But, when I would try to eat normal food again, it was very, very painful, because I didn’t have the bacteria to digest it. So, that was the trade-off."


That’s pretty scary and deserving of more attention


This part makes me wonder whether this quote applies to the current formulation, or earlier on in the prototypes. Either way, I’d be interested in hearing how much it applies to Soylent 1.0

@rob, do you think you could clarify?


There is a reasonable amount of fiber in the 1.0 formulation. It shouldn’t result in the death of gut bacteria (which sounds to me like a Bad Thing™).


This was from early in the soylent phase. There is plenty of fiber in the soylent now… Its very bad to let your gut bacteria die off, because of reasons like when a man had been on antibiotica and it killed all the bacteria, he would suddenly get drunk after eating… It was because yeast was able to grow in his intestines without the gut bacteria… (This example is extreme, and even if your diet had 0 fiber doesn’t mean that it would happen to you) in worst case the damage isn’t permanent if you lost all the gut bacteria as you could then get a “poo transplant” :wink:


This is one reason I will not go 100% Soylent - I want to retain top notch ability to digest normal food. I plan to use soylent for breakfasts and lunch and then eat normally for dinner.


He’s talking about the first iterations of Soylent back when he was the only one consuming it. The current version does not have these problems.


He’s referring to when he eliminated fiber from Soylent during his early trials last year. This is one of the core reasons, as I understand it, that he added fiber to the formula.


So again, this seems to be implied, and a relatively clear misunderstanding… to those who have been following @rob’s posts from the start.

But given the context (or, lack thereof) in the article, @Elizabennet’s concern is pretty understandable. It seems to me like (assuming this is indeed the case) that article could really use an addendum clarifying Soylent1.0 vs Soylentβ


Just to confirm: Soylent 1.0 has plenty of fiber, @rob was discussing a very early version of Soylent that did not have enough fiber.