Taking Soylent once a day instead of three times


I’m thinking about buying a weeks worth of Soylent from “official” channels (ie. via soylent.me) to give it a trial. However, I enjoy my food, so I’m thinking - what if I just have Soylent for one of my meals a day?

Assuming I do this, will I notice any difference like those who have tried it have already stated (feeling healthier etc), or is Soylent designed to be taken three times a day instead?

My thinking is that if my body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs already, and I don’t think it is because I don’t always eat healthily at all, drinking one Soylent drink a day should keep it at least balanced.

Is anyone doing something similar? What do you think?


If you want 100% nutrition, you’d need the full days servings, however, there are many people who only consume Soylent for one or two meals a day. They have stated that they are shipping measuring cups along so you can chose to make Soylent a meal at a time instead of a day at a time.


I was looking over “meal replacements” in the pharmacy last weekend. I think the big advantage of using Soylent instead (aside from the ridiculous amounts of sugar in what I was seeing) is that you would be getting a balanced meal for whatever time of day you are not able to conjure up a proper meal. That is, it’s better for you than grabbing something at McDonalds for a quick lunch.

I think that once things get rolling, this could be a good secondary market.



Exactly this.

It’s easy to assume Soylent == full meal replacement, but really… there’s no reason that has to be the case. As I see it, the entire point of Soylent is just to replace the “boring” meals that I don’t have any special interest in anyway (which are usually also not the most balanced). If you have more boring meals, you eat more Soylent. If you have more exciting culinary delights, go you, eat those and save the Soylent for a busy day.

I think one of the best analogies I’ve heard so far is “I like going to movies/art galleries/etc, but if I did it every night, it would get sort of old.” I’m still gonna eat food, but as of next month, I can choose to eat only the ones I particularly want :smile:


That’s my plan exactly, I love food and eating out with friends.
I don’t see any reason to stop doing that.

I intend to use Soylent just for the meals I currently eat alone in
front of the television set or reading, which is about 70% of them.