Taking Soylent to Disney World?

My wife and I are going on vacation to the Disney World next weekend, and we were thinking about taking enough 2.0 for the whole weekend. Has anyone taken bottles of Soylent into the park or any other theme park? Did they give you a hard time?

I took Soylent 2.0 into Disneyland multiple times a year ago and didn’t have a problem. Guessing Disney World would be the same.

If you are taking a bunch of meals in, it would be easier to carry the powder.

Guests are allowed to bring food items—such as snacks or foods that do not require heating— into Disney theme parks. Inform a Security Cast Member of any food items when you enter the park. If you are concerned that we may not offer foods that you are able to eat, learn how to make Special Dietary Requests.


We ended up getting a horrid stomach bug (not Soylent related), and we were too scared to go 100% Soylent for the weekend. We did end up grabbing a couple bottles at the Kissimmee Target thought and the guards gave us no problem. They were more interested in my Kenu iPhone Tripod I keep in my pocket!

On a side note, for me Soylent has made travel (which I generally avoid if I can anyway) soooooo much easier since I can bring my preferred food with me. I never have to worry about what may or may not be available wherever I’m going. I’ve even checked through as much as 4 boxes worth in my luggage and was so happy to have chilled Soylent as soon as we recovered our bags. :smiley:

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Now if only we could take RTD Soylent through airport security! I did take powdered chocolate once, with a blender bottle. It was… acceptable. (Actually, it was a bit better than I expected, for drinking-fountain temperature.)

I took a bunch of liquid Soylent (this was before RTD) through security once. I bought a pack of little tiny TSA-approved bottles, filled them all up with Soylent, and also brought an empty insulated bottle. Once through security I immediately poured the little bottles all into the large bottle and had almost-still-cold Soylent on the plane. It was a life saver. :slight_smile: