Talk about Soylent, DIY, or any other meal replacement at Imzy!

Hello. I’m the moderator of a forum on Imzy that is devoted to all the different kinds of meal replacement products. Soylent is undoubtedly the premiere product in the field, but our list of Soylent’s competitors currently has 20 entries!

Imzy is still in beta, so entry is by invitation, but invites are not hard to get. Just go to the Futurefood forum and you’ll see a form for requesting an invitation. I’d love to add members with real experience in the meal replacement industry, and people who’ve tried other products besides Soylent. For example, one of our members just put up a nice review of Joylent’s Twennybars.

There are lots of other forums on Imzy, and the management works hard to keep the tone of discourse positive and friendly, just as it is here. Right here is the best place to talk about Soylent, but if you want a similar forum about all meal replacements, try the Futurefood forum at Imzy!

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Interesting. I like the vision you have for handling “money”

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