Taste is very unappealing


I have a hard time understanding how Rob and other people are living off of mostly Soylent.

I just got my 1-week order today and mixed my first batch, let it sit for a few hours and tasted it over ice.

I could barely force myself to drink 1/2 cup of it. It was just… unappealing. It tasted like, as many have said before, something similar to pancake batter. In other words, it tastes like something that isn’t meant to be consumed raw.

I don’t know if I can even finish my current batch over the next day or two. Honestly after a few gulps I was barely able to force myself to drink more, even though I was hungry.


Just to confirm, are you adding salt? For me, the added salt makes a significant improvement in the taste.


I didn’t add any salt or anything else.


The current version is low on salt, due to a recommendation of the dietician they have on-staff. This was later considered a mistake and they now recommend adding a 1/4 tsp of non-iodized salt to a pitcher to bring it up to 100%. I add about 1.5 tsps to mine.

And could you be a little more specific about what you found unpleasant? Other members have found a number of solutions for particular aspects they found unpleasant. The most common is the addition of dark cocoa powder to mask the sweetness of the Soylent.

If its a matter of association between pancake batter and "raw"ness, the cocoa powder might alleviate that as well, but not really relating on that I can’t guarantee it.


I just had my first Soylent ‘meal’ an hour ago. It tasted fine to me. I didn’t feel like I was forcing anything. It just felt like a thick milkshake with low sugar and a grainy texture.

I suspect many people who are initially repulsed by powdered mixes like Soylent are freaking out about the unfamiliar texture more so than the actual taste.


Also dont add the oil until the powder has been mixed with the water for at least a few hours, then add the oil, shake and enjoy (I mixed mine up yesterday afternoon and let it sit overnight)

I just started today as well :smiley: For my last 20 oz of it today i added some hersheys syrup and it was amazing


Everyone’s palate is different. I haven’t found a DIY I really like (most of them I react to the way you’re reacting to your first taste of Soylent)–but Soylent, I like just fine.

You should check out the Flavoring Soylent topic, which has lots of ideas, some as simple as adding a bit of cinnamon or dark cocoa, which some people have found makes a big difference for them.


I initially found the Soylent to be very unappealing because of the texture. I made the entire first bag using the pitcher and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before having my first glass. I was a bit horrified trying to get the first glass down and was wondering how I was going to finish the whole pitcher in under 48 hours. However, I stuck with it and was enjoying it by the end.

The real discovery for me, though, was that it tastes fine (maybe even better) if I just mix one cup of Soylent at a time using the measuring cup. I don’t even bother refrigerating it or adding ice. I just mix the one cup of Soylent and 2 cups of water in a glass, stir for 60 seconds, and then mix the a couple of teaspoons of the oil, stir for another 60 seconds, and it tastes good to me. Pretty smooth, I think!


The “Pancake Batter” comparison really only works imo because of the color. To me it just tastes like a slightly-sweet vanilla powdered mix. Which is what it is. Sort of like a protein powder drink without such distinctly strong flavors from having one majority ingredient.

Have you had many powdered protein shakes or the equivalent or is this new? Was it primarily an issue of flavor or texture? My roommate tried some of my Soylent when I first got it and enjoyed the taste but hated it due to the texture, which remained almost ‘chalky’ even after soaking overnight because I hadn’t yet discovered the trick of letting it sit for hours before adding the oil. Now it’s better, but there’s no shaking some amount of grain simply because of its composition.

In other words, the people who are living off of mostly Soylent are probably experiencing a more pleasant sensory experience, rather than choking down a sickening slurry for the sake of science. Personally, I could (and do) drink Soylent for more than half of my meals and my feelings on the taste range from completely neutral to quite positive depending on the day.

As others have mentioned, if flavor is the issue then there are solutions to (or at least alternatives for) that. For texture you might try soaking without oil for several hours (or overnight) or diluting the mixture with more water. For salt… well, I usually eat at least 1 normal meal a day and don’t hold back on the salt, so I don’t know whether salt will improve the flavor.


@Curtis2011 I just found confirmation in another thread, confirming that the salt helps with the pancake batter issue.


I added 2 Tbsp of dark cocoa powder to a days worth and it tastes great.

Recently I ran out of cocoa powder and mixed it up like normal. After all this time drinking it with cocoa, the plain Soylent tasted like a butterscotch milk shake.

I tried what some people have suggested, adding the oil after letting it soak overnight. When I did that was the first time I ever really got the ‘pancake batter’ taste.


Some people are just more “delicate” in terms of taste and texture… in that regard, either they have to add something to Soylent to make it work for them or wait for next version… or just learn to live with it :slight_smile: Soylent isn’t suppose to be an exotic taste experience or pleasure. It is just nourishment.


I would say “sensitive” instead of “delicate”, but it’s true that I’m a very delicate flower. Something about the sweetness was just making me sick to my stomach. It’s not that it tastes bad per se, but the experience of drinking it day in and out was too much. Kind of like how seeing someone almost throw up makes you want to throw up. It was like that experience, but in drinkable form.

Salt went a long way. I’m also adding PB2 now, which does wonders, albeit for a price $$$. I don’t really like peanut butter, but a couple tablespoons of PB2 or PB2+Chocolate really transforms it. Not really a big peanut butter flavor, but definitely… er… nuttier I guess. Something about it that’s hard to explain. Makes it a very different experience.

Next I’m going to try some banana emulsion since I really liked the super subtle hint of banana in 100% Food (but hate that product’s oatmeal texture).

I’m also now adding potassium, magnesium, bismuth subgallate, an emulsifier, vitamin D, digestive enzymes, nootropics, etc etc. So much for fast and convenient!


I know your pain… I have a whole set of mixins for my Soylent, that I feel like I’m half DIY at this point. Though, I still enjoy the benefits of the complete nutrition it provides.


Glad your flavor experiments are starting well!


Probably already said, but I dont think a couple of hours will cut it for soaking in everything, make sure you are adding the oil after a long soak, and the first day never taste great, but once you have it a couple of days it starts to taste amazing, and you actually crave it. I love it!


Seriously, try some dark cocoa powder. I masks the overly sweet flavor of Soylent and it’s cheap.


Tried that but I preferred the plain taste (with salt) better. PB2+Chocolate is another story though… good stuff!


Yes, the taste is much better with added salt.


A splash of Kahlúa helps! :smile:

Mine just came today and my first impressions are from the batch I made for tomorrow. I’ve had two small glasses. It actually tastes very much exactly as I expected based on other people’s impressions that I’ve read here. The most noticeable thing to me was the “chalky” texture that I’ve seen others mention. I did add a small splash of Kahlúa to that second glass and found that the combination wasn’t bad.

Obviously I haven’t yet experimented beyond this. I plan to try adding salt with another batch, and possibly vanilla or something. But the stuff isn’t bad: A bit bland and chalky, perhaps, but not bad.