Taste Tests for non-Rosa Labs soylents


Let’s compile the latest taste tests for our current powder and solid options.




But have you ever halted shipping to yourself?


Not yet, but there have been some trying times. If I ever do fail to deliver I think I’d have to dump myself as a supplier, maybe give @chris_bair a chance at my business.


Lol ok how about has your diy ever caused explosive diarrhea in less than 0.1% of your consumer?


Actually… there may have been some adjusting in the early days that resulted in a much higher failure rate. But who can remember so many years back? My current recipe, nope, at least I don’t think so. I don’t know that .1% would be noticeable in such a small sample size though, I need to market to the masses to find out for sure. :slight_smile:


maybe give chris_bair a chance at my business

I’m pretty sure @kennufs gets the “employee” discount for Keto Chow


Can any nutritional experts chime in on Joylent Vegan?


I tried Keto Fuel this Summer. Prep involves mixing the powder, olive oil, and MCT oil, so it’s definitely more time consuming and a little messier than Soylent. Initial taste is fine (I tried the “chocolate” mix) but a really off-putting aftertaste. Just recently I received an email from the company saying that they had switched from stevia to another sweetener to control the aftertaste, but I have not tried that version. The thing that jumped out was that it seems much more satiating than Soylent.

Due to the prep and the possibility that the aftertaste has not been entirely fixed I was going to pass on exploring Keto Fuel’s new formulation, but with Soylent powder suspended, I’ll likely try again.


I had a sample pack (10 meals) from MealSquares a couple months ago. I enjoyed the first couple, then I really had to force myself to start eating them. They taste fine, just was never really looking forward to eating them. I think I just enjoy liquid food better now, even if it doesn’t fill me up as much.