Tasty new recipe


I’m really happy with my latest blend. it consists of Oat flour and malto plus a bit of brown sugar for sweetening, a banana, and a few tablespoons of peanut butter. Definitely the most delicious of the 3 days I’ve been on my mix so far. I keep adjusting to find what tastes right and isn’t going to break the bank while hitting my nutritional goals.

I’m loving this change in lifestyle. I feel lighter and satisfied.


Congratulations, BE! It’s great that this is working so well for you. Strange, as I watch people’s formulae evolve many of them are getting closer to what I’ve been doing all along. Yours, for example! I guess I need to get over my shyness and wariness and post my own. At first I thought it might be considered out of bounds, way off-topic, inasmuch as it is composed almost entirely of food ingredients rather than elemental stuff – but clearly soylent is evolving in that direction. It started with Rob’s oat powder but has now gone a lot further, witness your solution, Zach’s and others.


I think it makes sense that commercial product would be raw elements versus food ingredients for both cost and process control considerations. To me as a DIY user it makes more sense to include flavoring elements that are part of the recipe and contribute to the nutrients and aren’t just there as an artificial flavor. I also like to not have anything in my recipe originate from only a single source. I use a big mix of sources for the macronutrients.

And of course, there’s a lot about food we still don’t know. I just ordered a probiotic powder that I’ll be adding into my mix every few days that delivers the active cultures found in yogurt. The proof is in the pudding. I’ll be drawing blood in 30 days to see how I’m fairing.

Oh, and last night I went out for dinner with my kids to celebrate my birthday and I felt horrible afterwards. I was already use to having a light gut. Filling it with food was uncomfortable.


@bigepidemic Any chance you can post a Google doc with your recipe? I’m looking for something tastier than the flour-batter I concocted last night!


Sure! Here’s the latest version.

Google Spreadsheet


Do you just throw it all in a blender, or is there a special way you prepare it? Is the Salba for taste alone?


Yeah, I mix in a blender. Grind the vitamins and add them. The Selba is a super food I had laying around and it has a bunch of goodness to it. There’s no flavor from it, and it seems to disappear into the drink.

Tonight I added blueberries, dropped the peanut butter and made a few other adjustments to make everything hit 100%. I also switched to a pre-mixed protein from TrueNutrition that’s a combination of whey, pea, rice, egg white and soy.


Hi BP, could you share your latest spreadsheet on Google Docs once you add the TrueNutrition protein?