Tax deductions and medical insurance


I don’t know to how many people/countries this would apply, but in some places the cost of vitamins etc might be deductable from tax as “Health expenses” or could be claimed under “Preventative medication” from a medical insurance provider.

Might be worth checking out for some of us.

Does not apply to:

  • Ireland (only prescribed medication can be deducted from taxes or claimed from most insurance companies)
  • France (only prescribed medication can be deducted from taxes)

Does apply to:

  • ???


Same in France, only deducted from taxes if prescribed.


What’s the difference between your doctor telling you to have more vitamins, and prescribing them? Cause I think most doctors would tell their patients to get more vitamins/eat healthier!


A prescription is the doctor certifying on paper that you NEED whatever is written on that paper.
It’s used to obtain some otherwise illegal/controlled drugs and medicines, and it’s used for tax and insurance purposes (usually you don’t have to pay the full price for prescribed things, depending on country and insurance).