TDGIB! On a full day of Soylent..Need to cut back...Grrrrrr


The dreaded gas is back!

On a full day of Soylent…Need to cut back…Grrrrrr



How is the smell…any diffrrent from previous versions? :smile:


I’ve been collecting everything in jars for analysis later…Stay tuned


Um…all the best?

Post must be atleast…


Wasn’t serious…


I know :smile:

Post must be atleast…


To be honest, I’m scared of 1.2… The gas is bad enough on 1.1. Most people say they adjust after awhile, but I haven’t. At least it’s just me, if my husband had it as bad as I do, we’d have to evacuate the house :smile:


I’m bit worried about this. My guts does not work quite properly and makes enough gas as is even with nothing but regular food. With Soylent 1.1 I make quite a lot. Probable enough to power a methane based fuel car. :stuck_out_tongue: (Not literal) But with 1.2 it might be worse. Or maybe not. Let’s see once I finally run out of 1.1.


I gave up on Soylent 1.1 and went back to 100% DIY three days ago. I had bounced back and forth between 25% and 50% Soylent 1.1 a day. I never got to the point that 25% was acceptable. I tried for about a month and it never got better. The 1.1 was definitely better then 1.0 so if you can’t handle 1.1 don’t even try 1.2. Of course that’s just my opinion.

I didn’t notice how much farting changed my life on Soylent. After three days of almost no farts and weak ones at that, I don’t know if I could go back to Soylent before they fix the problem. I’ve got two weeks left so I will probably mix in to my DIY as if it was a multivitamin. It will take months to get through the two weeks. I am much to cheap to actual throw away and too lazy to try to sell it. :smile:

I am still a huge fan of Soylent. I will just be a huge fan PLUS a customer when they get this worked out. I’m really very happy with my DIY in any case.


You could always sell your 2 weeks if you’d rather… I’m sure there are plenty who would be thrilled to get it, both here and on ebay.


I’m jealous of you guys with the gas. I had two attempts with 1.1 and each time after a couple of days I got severe diarrhea which was absolutely tortuous. I’m expecting 1.2 and this time I have laid in my psyllium husk capsules, my probiotics (two types) and my Immodium. Here’s hoping.

No farts though. Partly because I had to worry about whether I was going to make stains so I exercised self-control which didn’t help the biffy experience.

Thing is that aside from the back passage issues I loved the Soylent lifestyle. I was OK with the taste and it meant I only ate food if I had a particular yen for it rather than because I needed some calories to survive. Brain function was great, digestion was fine (until it hit the bowels portion), and energy levels were high. I didn’t miss variety especially as I was between food sources at the time. (These days, I patronize a newly opened place that does different salad dishes each day.)



Psyllium husk made a huge difference for me


EveB oddly enough it’s opposite for me. Like I said before my guts do not quite work properly. I have LONG given up on having all nice and white underwear for life.

I regularly get most range of poop rating (2 to 6) each month. 1 and 7 does happen pretty often too.

That is, till I started on soylent. Now it has firmed up to around 3-5. It did get out of hand and I had 6 and 7 but otherwise… this shows me that soylent is a massive help even at just one meal a day.