Tell me about yourselves! Also, hows the grub?


So, I’ve admittedly been a lurker for some time now. I only recently made an account in December, but I’ve been following the posts and discussion since, I’d estimate, around mid-2013.

I have roughly skimmed through all the postings under all the subtopics and have read quite a few that had catchy post titles or an usual number of comments.

What I haven’t seen anywhere is a simple how-do-ya-do? So I figured it’s as good a time as any! I’ll be starting up a vlog in a few months and I’m getting full CBC and lipids done shortly before my Soylent order arrives (in a few weeks, I suspect). I may go for homocysteine and T3/T4 tests too, just out of curiosity, but it seems these tend to be more expensive. I’d like to get hair mineral analysis done but I fear nowhere in my great state is there any such service :frowning:
I don’t know what protocol is for CT scans, but I had some interest in this as well. I will consider various metrics to track my changes. I’ve never had more than a week so far and have been eager to get on a long term, 99.99% soylent diet for forever! I may consider adding caffeine and L-theanine, as I’ve seen others voice the most prominent results. The nootropics seem hit-or-miss, and I prefer data over dabble so I’ll wait til the jury’s out on all that! I’ve researched all manners of supplements and additives and really can’t seem to find any I like or have much use for, which is a shame because I really wanted to make my Soylent more personalized. No matter! I hope I can share the vlog in time; until then, soylent on!

Anywho, I just wanted to say hello to the ENTIRE COMMUNITY! And to offer up a thread where we can all get to know each other a bit better and how everyone’s enjoying their various iterations of Soylent! I know a bit about some of the more active posters on here, but not so much that could not be called poorly fragmented and happenstance! I don’t know, I just feel like I don’t know anyone here and I’m a tad bored of commenting on the one or two interesting posts I see a week. I feel like if I knew some people here better and you all knew each other better, we might end up posting more stuff that we all have common interests in. Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know if this is being to general, or if it will bother anyone that this is pretty much a “talk about anything” thread, but I figure posting such a general topic might lead to interesting discussion that other more focused topics may be more limited in producing.


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: Have you got an order in for any Soylent of your own yet or have you tried any variant before?

You’re definitely in the right place so again, welcome! :smiley:


Thank you, and my name isn’t aboard, it’s Silas! But no worries! Surely you didn’t mean any misunderstanding (<-- the setup…)

As for history, I briefly tried a week of 1.3 - loved it - made a post about my experience when I first joined.

FedEx says I’ll be getting my shipment on Friday - I actually just received the email after only starting a subscription maybe a week ago? Yea… my heart skipped a beat. At first I thought it was some kind of error!

I hope in addition to people talking about themselves in here (don’t be humble folks!) we can talk about an assortment of completely random things. That’s my favorite kind of discussion! One that has no logical direction or consistency.

As a first of many random subtopics to be brought up in here, I hope, I would like to ask if anyone has any nifty additives or Soylent mods that makes their recipe unique or have more functionality than the traditional recipe? I have looked high and far and alas, only caffeine pills and L-theanine seem to have caught my eye, and I see limited use for these as well! Hmph. I’m not really eager to try nootropics, but surely there’s something other than flavoring that I can spike my diet with for a little UMPH! And as a side, unfortunately I don’t drink so that limits me even more D:

By the way, what’s been your history with the products? DIY? 1.4 perhaps?


They give you a barium smoothly about an hour or so before the procedure. Then they lay you on a raised table and put an IV in your hand/arm. The table moves through the donut shaped scanner as you hold your breath and they blast you with radiation. Then they injected a dye through the IV and scan you again. After its recommended that you drink more than normal in an effort to pee the dye out.


I’ve been using Soylent on and off since 1.0; I was an early backer and drank Soylent for about 70% of my diet for the first couple of versions. That tapered off after I had a bad experience with the tail end of my supply of 1.1 and I’ve since been on-again, off-again with my supply of 1.2 while stalking the forums and keeping an eye out for version updates.

I thought I’d skip 1.3 and jump back in at 1.4, but now that the verdict on 1.4 seems so muddled I’ve been a little hesitant to pull the trigger. I’ve only got a few days left of 1.2 at this point, though, so I imagine I’ll put in for a shipment of 1.4 fairly soon.

In any case, welcome! I think we had a similar thread once upon a time but it’s been so long that it’s probably time for a new one.



OK, you win.

No I didn’t mean any misunderstanding. And don’t call me Shirley. RIMSHOT! LOL

As for additives… well, does turning Soylent into brownies, cookies, or cake count? I’ve experimented with all 3. Brownies are definitely the least trouble to make, but I’ve had a devil of a time getting them just right. A couple times I’ve made a small batch that has been just about perfect but when I scale it up to a full bag of Soylent… something goes awry. Still trying to figure out exactly what. I owe some folks brownies from a kickstarter I did last year so, I really need to figure this out!!! The cookies were delicious, but a bit on the soft & chewy side. Would’ve loved to have made them just slightly crunchy.

I take caffeine + theanine from on most days. Usually 80-160mg and 240-480mg respectively, though occasionally double that throughout the day. I very much like the effects. If I just want a little extra “spring” in my step, I’ll just take the smallest dose, and I’ll progressively increase it either over time to just keep it sustained, or all at once if I really need a major boost… though that’s rare. I’m very happy to have discovered this combination even though it’s not strictly a nootropic I don’t think. I’ve tried many things over the last 15 years or so as I tried to perfect my own energy/cognitive boost formulation. Frankly nothing has been better than this combination, at this price point and convenience factor.

As for strictly flavoring however, people have tried tons and tons of stuff. Personally I’m not huge on the flavoring bandwagon, but I have found that Soylent makes a phenomenal smoothie base - if you like smoothies. I wrote about it the first time I tried it and made a video too. I don’t have them very often but especially on a hot day, there is just nothing better.

Some people use cinnamon, cocoa powder is also very popular as is powdered peanut butter (AKA PB2). Some have even gone for a spicy soylent and added things like chile powder and other similar stuff. Myself, I normally use a few drops (4 to a pitcher) of stevia in our Soylent 1.3 for sweetening, and I find that it just sweet enough to be tasty but not so sweet that I get sick of it. A few times I’ve forgotten and had it plain, and though it’s not totally horrendous… it’s definitely not “good” straight anymore. 1.0 was great tasting right out of the bag, at least for us. But I think I’d rather just add a touch of sweetener in order to get the other benefits they’ve added. It’s easy to sweeten to taste.


I found the tests at are very affordable compared to most other places.


I meant more like, I’m not sure if I can just ask for one or if I need it to be some kind of emergency


Wow very thorough! Just wondering, why do you take almost double the L-theanine?


Need an emergency? No.

But considering there is a percentage chance that the scan itself can give you cancer why risk it if you don’t have to?


Curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:



Unlikely a good doctor would give you a CT scan as it is quite radioactive.
I would suggest an MRI scan.
Another obvious test is insulin sensitivity which would make a very interesting before/after.


I thought the whole idea of solyent is to save time. So why would you make soylent brownies, pancakes cookies etc? (Not trying to be rude just wondering haha)


One reason would be that many people still enjoy cooking/baking and the option to use an ingredient which results in a surprisingly nutritious version of the chosen food is very tempting :slight_smile:


The generally accepted best ratio of caffeine to theanine is 1:3 so the capsules I take are 80mg of caffeine and 240mg of theanine per capsule.

That’s not the whole idea, it’s just one of the ideas. And I’ve never made pancakes… don’t think anyone has quite managed that actually. @leecauble1 did cookies & brownies first as far as I know, and I have a sweet tooth so that sounded really good to me, plus how cool would it be to have cookies & brownies that were so perfectly nutritious? At least when compared to “normal” baked goods anyway. So I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

But actually, probably 90% of my brownie batches have been in the name of trying to nail down a perfect recipe so I can send brownies to about a dozen people who backed my kickstarter to make Soylent brownies. For science, you see. For science.


Thanks for the reply! So, I only see 200mg of caffeine pills online.
Should I go lower dose to avoid potentially dangerous L-Theanine doses (~600mg)? Or perhaps I could just do 400-500mg and still avoid jitters?


Check out as that’s where I bought mine. 80/240mg caffeine/theanine (per capsule). Not too likely you’d run into problems with high doses of theanine unless you went really crazy with it, and frankly at those levels it’s so much caffeine that (for me at least) it would get unpleasant.

200mg caffeine pills I wouldn’t want to touch… way too high in a single dose. I prefer much more granular control over my dosing.


I currently have a small sample size (~20) of the 200mg pills a friend gave me. I like them and they don’t boggle my mind or anything but maybe I just have a high tolerance?

I might just drop it to 80-100mg. I’ll have to look into L-Theanine UL’s. On amazon theyre pretty expensive, compared to caffeine pills anyway :confused:


Yeah I found that taking caffeine & theanine as separate products is many many times more expensive than buying them in a combined form. That’s why I switched to the ones from powdercity a few months back.

And yeah you might have a high caffeine tolerance already, do you drink a lot of coffee? I don’t drink coffee at all or really consume anything else with much caffeine in it, so 80mg is enough to make me feel “up”, 160mg will get me buzzing about and generally be a touch more hyper than usual, and 320 had me pretty hyper my eyes feeling like they were bulging a bit. That was definitely too much all at once at least for me.

The nice thing about the theanine though is that it smooths out the whole effect curve. Caffeine effects are much more gradual and subtle, and they last a really long time without a complete fall-off-a-cliff crash later.


Oh wow, I hadn’t realized they came in combo pills! I am still keeping my eye out for potential additives but so far I think this is all I have much daily use for. I thought about maybe getting extra choline too. Is that maybe unnecessary?

Thanks for all the info BTW. It must be because I drink a lot of coffee. Well, more than a cup a day anyway. Or it could just be that you don’t drink any! Probably both… do you drink any tea?