Temperature vs. Nutrients


Assume water source is stove-melted snow. Ambient air is below freezing. Water is immediately mixed with Soylent Powder and consumed. How hot can the water get (boiling?) before nutrient damage occurs in this scenario?


Hopefully at least 98.6°F I guess :slight_smile:


Is this gonna be on the final exam?


And at what altitude?


Pop quiz, hotshot. .


For both sea level and 15,000’ AMSL.


It would depend on the nutrient in question. They denature at different temps. That’s why Coffeest has no vitamin A and C.


The nutrients in question are the ones in 1.6.


Each of the 26 micronutrients in 1.6 will denature at a different temperature.


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Actually this apparently isn’t the case. Apparently it stems from the use of cocoa: https://www.reddit.com/r/soylent/comments/5e10tj/has_coffiest_been_reformulated_since_they_found/da8wp64/