"Temporarily" hiding posts


I am not sure where to post this post. I was just reading an old thread. There was a comment by Croatiansoylent and it was hidden, with a notice that several users had objected to it and that it was temporarily being hidden.

The post was hidden early in 2014. When does “temporarily” end?


:calendar: I’ll get back to you with an answer temporarily. :calendar:


Any post that gets flagged enough will get hidden… The auther then has to edit his post and it will be shown again (editing it so it wont get flagged again) a moderator can also choose to hide or unhide posts.

Any post that is hidden can be unhidden for those who want to see it anyway.


Perhaps the right word would be “provisionally” then. It has not been temporary. Provisional means subject to further action and does not imply that it will soon end, as temporary does.


I think the temporary refers to it being an automated hiding, still awaiting confirmation or reversal from a moderator.


Whatever, I just don’t think that there’s somebody thinking about it these days, and it’s basically permanent, not temporary.