Temporary fogginess after drinking soylent 2.0

despite the low glycemic index of 2.0 (49) i seem to experience a small crash after drinking it. i can offset this by drinking a coffee with the soylent. i usually drink one bottle over about 20 minutes so im not gulping it all down at once. anyone else get this? I had the same experience with some of the earlier versions of soylent (been drinking since 1.0)

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I haven’t experienced that with 2.0, but I did on all of the powdered versions.

I haven’t noticed this, I usually guzzle the entire thing in a few seconds. :smile: Then again, I have a sweet tooth and yet somehow have managed to avoid any hint of diabetes?!

I also haven’t had the fogginess problem with the liquid 2.0. I did with the powdered versions.

i’ve started to sprinkle ground coffee into the soylent. this should help me maintain an adequate level of alertness. it’s just bizarre i’d feel this way on a low GI food. questions questions…

I suspect that fogginess is due to the ‘liquid’ nature of the soylent. But i am not sure. If its not too much trouble could you people try other liquid diets for sometimes and see if fogginess persists with them too. This would help determine if their liquidity is the culprit or something else.