Temptation... will you wait?


This is tempting…

I’m personally going to wait until morning, I want to give it a fair shake.

FYI, the water level shown is at the 1.5/1 (water/Soylent) ratio.


Fill it up. You will be happier.


Awesome! Agree with @leecauble1, when preparing in the pitcher it’s best to fill completely, assuming that you’re using the entire pouch.


Three more scoops of water added, it is now full. I appreciate the sage advice from you long timers. :smiley:


Nope, I won’t be able to wait.


I’ve debated that, and also if I should wait to make sure my reorder will be on time, but no way I could wait long enough for that, maybe one over night though


I doubt I’ll be able to wait. I’ll probably let it chill for a couple hours like I did with my People Chow and then start in on it. Basically: pick up package at 4pm, Soylent dinner at 6pm and then I’ll see how it performs the next day after a full night’s sitting.

It’s stupid but I haven’t been so excited to get anything in the mail for years. It’s weird.


You’ll probably be just fine if you let it sit maybe 2 hours, then pour it over some ice (or in a chilled glass). In fact, just put your glass in the fridge at the same time as the Soylent, and 2 hours later you’ll probably be in great shape to drink it.

I had thought the 1.5:1 water/soylent ratio would fill the pitcher… surprised to see it doesn’t! Definitely agree with everyone else, fill it to the bottom of the green ring.


you really like mason jars huh


Stop giving me permission to yield to temptation! It makes it even harder… especially since I am a bit hungry at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue: Time to go pour a glass of DIY.


The mason jars are for my DIY powder. I’m just about out of prepared DIY, time to mix up a batch, or not now. We’ll see.


Wait? Yes, now that I have it in my hands I could wait weeks! As it is I just got my Soylent today but will be waiting just under a week to start it because now I have my ‘final meals’, need to clean out the food and quit caffeine! This will take a few days!


You may not want to quit the caffeine until you start the Soylent. If my experience is anything to go by, it’ll make things WAY easier. My “Soylent energy” was more than enough to compensate immediately.


I’d love to give it a try but in the name of science I want to cut everything before I start Soylent so that I know whatever I am feeling (good or bad) is the Soylent.


Yeah I see where you’re coming from. My thinking was just that if you quit caffeine ahead of Soylent, you could be going through withdrawals leading up to Soylent which might confuse things. Whereas at least for myself, cold-cutting off of caffeine 100% one day to Soylent the next, I experienced nothing but totally positive effects… no slump, crash, withdrawal of any kind, etc. Will be interesting to hear how you fare!


Oh I have plans.

Such plans.

Soylent arrives tomorrow. Kit won’t be until Thursday, but I have some Auxiliary Tupperware to mix up the first batch. And I intend to leave it in the fridge for the night (the aforementioned plans, you see).

I have about 3 portions worth of delicious leftovers from social outings, plus the last of the soup I made over the weekend. I’ll eat soup early in the day, then some Leftovers-1, and then maybe more soup, and then for dinner combine the food from the two best restaurants in town into SuperDinner.

And Thursday morning, it will be Ready.


I’d like to think that calmly I’ll mix up a pitcher, let it chill for a few hours and enjoy the first taste of a well-mixed Soylent.

However, I’m pretty sure the moment it arrives I’ll tear open the bag like a crazed monster and probably start chugging it before the water even hits the powder. Rarrh! Can’t wait!


The last two times I quit cold turkey the withdrawal/sickness lasted almost exactly 24 hours and then I was completely fine, I’ll be quitting this Friday/Saturday and starting Soylent on Monday :slight_smile:


Last night I dreamed that I had received my Soylent, wildely tore open the bag and just ate it dry. So weird.

I went downstairs and all the flour was gone from the pantry…


Aha, cool then… you know what to expect! Should be a breeze. =)