Text search using CTRL-F is currently not possible


I’m using Chrome and when I press CTRL-F to search within a forum thread, it brings up the search bar - which is good but I also want to be able to search the text like a regular search function.
I wonder what the best solution is. I don’t have any ideas yet.


Hit Ctrl-F again (without closing the forum search bar) and your Chrome search will come up.


Also, native search is prioritized by the page you are on, so discourse search will look at the thread first, then forum as a whole. Same goes with somebody’s profile page.


Ok yea I see it now. Thanks


Also, Discourse won’t load all the posts on a single thread if there are too many, so using the browser search would be incomplete.


We’re making some ongoing improvements in this area.

Note that clicking the result will highlight the matching text in the page, if you are searching the current topic.


Just to point out previous implementations, the Gmail search feature is just forward slash when not in a text editing window. This preserves the browser find feature. I see this works here as well.


Yes, press ? to see a list of keyboard shortcuts.