THANK YOU Soylent & Rosa Labs


After having been on Soylent for 18 days, I thought it was finally time to truly and publicly say thank you to @Rob and the others behind Soylent development.

Having been overweight my entire adult life and assuming now that I’m in my late thirties that weight loss, but more importantly a general feeling of health was going to beyond my eventual reach, your product saved the day.

Besides my weight loss, which I have documented elsewhere on this forum; I have corrected 20 years of digestive issues that had turned me into a introvert uncomfortable leaving my home/home office for a decade. I’ve now started to go on overnight trips, accept lecture requests, and even started to consider traveling abroad again for my upcoming fifth anniversary. What GI specialists couldn’t do in 5 years, your wonderful product has done in two weeks.

So knowing that there are many people here in the forums doubtful of your product and many others angered by its various delays, please know that there are real people you have helped out here in the world. Continue to innovate and I am sure your company will be a long term success story.

David Deutsch


Congratulations. As a fellow overweight guy who just received his soylent yesterday I’m excited about the future as well!


Also congratulations from a fat guy that hasn’t received my Soylent yet, but am certainly anxious. Your story gives me hope!


As a fat guy who does have Soylent, I’ve found that it helps immensely with portion control. I do 1-2 meals of Soylent and 1 regular meal. I’ve found myself craving less food and taking less when I eat dinner. That alone is worth the price of Soylent, for me.


Thank YOU, David, for putting your trust in us and for sharing your story. You are why we do what we do each and every day. It would be easy for all of us at Soylent HQ to lose faith in our goals with all the bumps in the road and the heat that we have taken from all sides, but hearing stories like yours makes all of the stress and late nights worth it. Thank you for being a customer. We are looking forward to being there with you wherever your path leads in the days/weeks/months/years to come.


Spouse is finding an 18-oz Soylent breakfast sipped on the drive to work makes it much easier to eat sensibly the rest of the day. Also no longer has to stop to catch breath on the killer hill that walking the dog takes them each morning. Two weeks in, it’s looking pretty good.


Awesome, very good to hear how successful it has been for you.


Even us skinny guys thank you! I had a horrible diet and for most of my life weight under 130 pounds at 5’11’ tall. In the last decade I got up to 160+ so still on the skinny side but not horrible. I only ordered a week of Soylent so I haven’t gotten it yet, but I’ve been doing DIY for 4 months. I would be willing to bet that just switching to DIY is adding years to my life.

So, thank you Rosa Labs. My life is better, I expect to live longer and that’s even before I get your product. Now there’s an endorsement!


I am overweight but not obese. I have a family history of gastrointestinal issues, and I certainly have my own fair share even if I do not have any serious diseases.

I already fell in love with Soylent after one day: if this holds up, this product should definitely help with my health.


It’s refreshing to hear someone who isn’t whining. Aesop wrote, or at least compiled, a tale having to do with immature fruit… Y’all know who you are. I suppose patience isn’t part of the vocabulary of a select few. It is, of course, running a little on the long side, but I fully expected a simple task to take this long, 'cuz people, it ain’t simple. Kudos to you people who observe the weight control benefits. You will live longer, and have more time to enjoy life besides. JeffLeBert - bad diet or no, your weight was probably the envy of the office. ;-). Mine always was. Dr says I need to gain some though.


Similar tale here, though I’ve only been on axcho’s DIY for a couple days. This morning I had a glass of cocoa-added Schmoylent in the morning. First thing when I walked in the office, I saw cake on the food table, chocolates in a bowl on somebody’s desk, and a variety of snacks on the roving snack bookcase. Normally I have to fight taking anything and usually fail, but today it was easy! I just didn’t want it. The craving wasn’t there. Same thing when my coworker repeatedly mentioned the new Slim Jim snacks available–I didn’t feel the need to go munch immediately, even though it’s something I would like. So pleased!

If this continues, it’ll be just what I need to turn around the 30 lbs I’ve put on due solely to poor eating habits and lack of self control in my choices (both will-I-won’t-I choices and which-thing or which-place choices).


Well still sick here, but also still 100% Soylent. Middle of day 23, lost 22.2lbs so far.