Thanks from Canada

Just for the record- thanks for finally returning to Canada.

I received my 22 boxes yesterday. That should be enough for 3-4 months given my intake of 2-3/day. They shipped the day after I ordered, but took a week to arrive, which seems reasonable given the situation. The expiration date is March 2021! They shipped in the new brown boxes and the writing on the box and on the bottles is both English and French, as you would expect.

Having tried the Original and Cafe Mocha (but not the Chocolate yet), they taste normal. The Original tastes just like the Original from my last batch from the US, and the Cafe Mocha tastes totally unsweetened, but thinking back, maybe it was always that way. Importantly, the consistency is fine, not overly thin and watery or super-thick with sludge at the top of the bottle, which are both issues Iā€™d had in the past.

In summary, thumbs up!

Since the ban in Oct 2017 I made 13 trips across the border for pickup. That involved renting a car, paying for receiving and basically took out an entire Saturday. Also had to pay duty one time, but the others they fortunately waived me on. The current price of $51.30 after 10% subscription discount (as opposed to 5% for the US) is actually about 2% cheaper than the US with the current exchange rate, though that will change to 5% more expensive when/if the exchange rate normalizes to pre-coronavirus/oil war times.

It would be nice to have the Cafe Vanilla available at some point.