The absolute best sweetner to put in Soylent


Hi there, I’m new here. I’ve read that Soylent includes sucralose, which was a super sad discovery for me. I spend a great deal of time searching for things without fake sugar in them and it’s getting increasingly more difficult to find with the advent of the Carb-Free Diets.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t do this because I’m concerned about the health implications, nor because I’m squicked out by the chemical aspect. I am not an all-natural health food junkie, I am a fervent admirer of such crappy chemical-laden products as Kraft Mac & Cheese, McDonald’s Barbeque sauce, twinkies, etc. No, I avoid fake sugars for a much simpler reason.

They taste icky.

To me.

In reading some of the posts on this site and posts that I have seen elsewhere and a few papers, which I’m too lazy to go find right now, I’ve found that the simple fact about sugar substitutes is that people do not perceive them all the same way. And not everyone everywhere tastes them as sweet. In fact, there is sizable contingent of the population that perceive many sugar substitutes to be bitter rather than sweet.

I have friends that assure me that Diet Coke tastes sweet and pleasant. This baffles me, because to me, it tastes like dirt with a faint hint of Coke flavoring.

I know that you are sweetening Soylent because it takes bitter or fishy or something with no sweetener, and I don’t disagree with that at all, do what you need to do to make it drinkable. But I wonder if there would be a consideration in the future of making an unsweetened version where people would just add their own sweetener? I mean, even among the fans of fake sugar, there are devotees of their particular brand of fake sugar that are pretty much willing to armor up and go into battle to defend their preferred sweetener. They are vehement. The entire universe comes to a screeching halt if my grandmother finds the pink packets missing from the table at a restaurant. The blue, yellow and white ones? Not good enough. Pink. She needs the pink.

I’m still considering buying it and just adding actual sugar to mask the bitterness induced by the fake sugar that was added to mask the bitterness induced by the vitamins and whatnot, but that seems weird and unnecessary.

I just thought I might suggest avoiding The Great Sweetener Debate altogether and making Soylent sugar agnostic - just letting people add whichever one they prefer. Like they do with coffee. No one is put out by having to sweeten their own coffee. In fact, if you were to impose a particular sweetener onto coffee, a million voices would cry out in dismay - especially those disturbed individuals who like the bitter, nasty brew all by its lonesome.

Just a suggestion. Have a nice day! :sunny:



I am truly such a disturbed individual, black coffee is the go to. Cream and sugar make it a nice dessert beverage though, after a meal.

I’ve never been a fan of the artificial sweeteners either, as you say, they just taste weird. Definitely not an acceptable sugar replacement imo. That said I’m hopeful for Soylent, since it is used in a small amount to obtain, hopefully, a bland tasting base to build upon.


from my research:

A sucrolose packet has 11.9 mg of sucralose (the rest if the 1g packet is a filler)
soylent has 60 mg, so about 5 packets worth




I think the main reason behind not going sweetener-free is that it wasn’t actually added to “sweeten”, per-se; rather, a specific ratio was mixed in to offset some specific flavor notes, effectively cancelling each other out.

In other words, the point isn’t to make Soylent sweet, it’s to make it absolutely as flavor-neutral as possible. That would be… pretty tricky to get exactly right in your kitchen. If they want to make Soylent as neutral of a base as possible (for people to flavor with whatever they want), then shipping it with that careful ratio is pretty important.

To address the bitterness concern, I believe that in the initial applications thread, a few DIY or beta users with the same usual “bitter” taste from sucralose chimed in, mentioning that they had been surprised to discover that there wasn’t any noticeable taste from the amounts Soylent had. I could be wrong, but I think @Leecauble and/or @JulioMiles were among those (with a normally adverse suclarose reaction) supporting this find.


Initially, I was using about 50g of sugar to sweeten my soylent, but decided I wanted to reduce the amount of fructose I used.

I first used a liquid stevia extract that I had laying around. It was sweet, but it left something to be desired. The best description I can give is it’s not a full sweetness?

I ordered some liquid sucralose extract and it is now my preferred sweetener. I’ve tried Splenda and dislike the bitterness it brings, but pure sucralose doesn’t seem to have it. When it runs out, I’ll experiment with additional sweeteners.


Xylitol is good. Many benefits for your teeth, blood sugar, etc.