The Answer to my Prayers


I tried sending an email, but it failed, so:

Hi there!

I was so happy to know that someone has had the same thought as me. Where the consumption of food is necessarily time consuming.

I’m a 20 year old female, who needs to become a “carnivore” because my health is depleting drastically. I’m a vegetarian, but I haven’t really been eating properly (or much/at all). There are some diets that I ought to be following to better my health now - but I can’t seem to bring myself to it. Meat makes me sick. I don’t want to throw up from eating meat :L I haven’t touched it in years.

that and i’m a 20year old student living alone so my grocery bill being cut down would be awesome. I just don’t want to die from malnutrition.

HOW do I get some?
HOW soon can I get it?
HOW much does it cost?


Hi there Stacey!

Here’s some disappointment for you I’m afraid:
You can’t “get” it yet.

Soylent is still an experiment that Rob is sharing with us, and that a lot of us are following up on.
Nobody really knows how long it will be before Soylent will be a commercially available product, I would bet though that it will be half a year at the very least.

The good news is, if you are willing and able to try making your own, you will find plenty of help on these forums.
Just have a look around, there are quite a few threads by people planning to do their own soylent, complete with spreadsheets of what they will be putting into it, where they get the ingredients, and what it costs.

That point, cost, is dependant on what you put in of course, but also on where you live/how you get your stuff.
Daily cost seems to range from $4 for some Americans, to $7 for British and Irish people.


Thank you so much for your response Ben!


I would suggest looking at the amazon sourcing list on here. A lot of people having be helping get that one sorted out and it seems to be one of the most completed ones that has all the sourcing in one place.