"The Beige-ification of Food: Soylent and the Destruction of Genuine Diversity"


I always knew Soylent was being run by a bunch of leftist elitists and it is refreshing to see them called out on it. (/heavy sarcasm)

Really though, how can people spew this garbage?


I thought that was hilarious. Especially after reading from the Communist blog Counterpunch yesterday how Soylent is an uber elitist capitalist right wing conspiracy.


My theory is that all of us have some serious cave man deep food insecurities and don’t trust anything that we aren’t completely used to.


Aah, so they are elitist rightist AND leftist.

How very sneaky of them.


Wow. Just…wow.

More letters.


It seems to be a common assumption by journalist that Soylent is trying to replace food, no idea where they are getting this from. Soylent is just another meal option, a quick healthy meal. If anything its adding diversity by giving people another meal option. I cant wait to get my Soylent, I’ve been wanting a default meal option thats healthy and well balanced for years. I remember telling my Mom when I was a teenager that I wish there was something like dog food but for people. She laughed and said I would probably be the only one who would eat it.


…And there you have it. Wow. Just…wow. I made the mistake of reading through their site. Some things just can’t be unread.

I will say this for Soylent: It sure is a multifaceted product. “Journalists” on the right and the left, and every position in between, seem to be able to impose their political convictions on the stuff. Soylent is a springboard to talk about everything imaginable except…well, Soylent.

Hey, I’m not complaining. As a Soylenter, all this talk just makes me look like some cutting-edge revolutionary type…when all I’m really doing is eating food. :yum:


You’re so right that food is a political issue. It’s kind of funny just how political it is.


I didn’t realize my lunchtime banana soylent smoothie was so rife with meaning.


At least you’re using a banana. The internet thanks you.


Had to… You know, for scale.


With Soylent, the poor can enjoy greater access to nutrition, women will no longer have any need to cook (god forbid)…

This sentence was about when I realized how worthless (aside from a laugh) the article would be.


Waste of bandwidth, although at the end was this gem…


but does it scale?


Yes, that would be the joke. =P