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Comment section is scary :cold_sweat:

A top story in NY Times

War. War never changes.


Tunnel snakes rule. This is the one universal truth.


I see several commenters accusing the author of being a ‘schill’. I find it hard to believe that a company that couldn’t meet demand for over a year, and is just now catching up, would be paying others to increase demand even more. Does not compute…


More than the comment section its articles like these that scare me. Why? If the fast food and/or big ag lobby/retail lobby sees this kind of news, they could try doing something to prevent Soylent becoming a success. Wish these kind of articles came a little bit later when soylent becomes more prevalant within society. The more widespread and well known a product is, the harder it becomes for others to kill it.


My impression is that Business Insider does publish what often seems to be paid-for content. It this case, the article is right, though. Hurray.


Well, that’s what Ron Perlman says. Solid Snake said war HAS changed. Who would you side with, Hellboy or a super-clone?