The bottles in soylent 2.0... Sustainable?


I like the idea of Soylent being first and foremost an insanely environmentally friendly alternative to food if done right. However, with Soylent 2.0 - wouldn’t the waste produced from this increase quite heavily? Throwing away so many bottles every month…? Is there a recycle program, cause otherwise that would be neat…

Potential for an environmentally friendly Soylent bottle? Glass, Aluminium, Plastic Substitute
Suggestion: Offer an option to receive a return shipping label so we can send back the bottles of 2.0 for reuse/recycling

If you’re throwing everything away it may be more wasteful than the Soylent pouches in the landfill, but still far better than the trash generated by a SAD diet. However if you recycle it will be less wasteful, as the bottles should be easy to recycle, while it’s almost impossible to find a center to take the pouches.


Compared with the powdered version, yes. The waste is increased quite heavily.

(Some of this is relative; the powdered version produces almost no waste whatsoever.)

The bottles are recyclable. 1600 calories of Soylent 2.0 still produces much less waste than 1600 calories of regular food, on average. Not to mention footprint, food waste, etc.

But not glossing over your point. Yes, the waste produced from Soylent 2.0 is much more than the current, powdered version.


Have they said what class of recyclable plastic they are? The number on the bottle is a huge factor when considering sustainability, but it can also affect shelf-life or potentially unhealthy leeching.


Hmm hmm…

Will have to look into recycling from where I live currently, before I jump the gun on this one.


They’re using High-density polyethylene (HDPE). It comes from petroleum. I’m pretty sure every recycling program recycles this stuff.


If you’re into 3D printing, you can melt the bottles into some pretty nice filament.


Yeah, I’ll get right on that… =)


I’m swedish, so I highly disagree.

But I’m intrigued, what should I be worried about?


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I like the keen eye on recycling. Go scandinavia! But energy use is also a matter of sustainability. If we want to get super vigil about this, we should ask which product (bags or bottles) is more energy intensive to produce in the first place. If the bags require a little more energy but less material (and both are recyclable) you end up with roughly the same waste.

That’s just a hypothetical but possibly true. Bottles can be molded on an assembly line whereas bags might require more dexterity. Also the bag material is likely not as abundant as petroleum.


I just feel like it’s something to think of. I know we all have different reasons for wanting to consume Soylent, but for me personally, the aspect of possibly eating nearly 100% guilt free (no waste, no carbon footprint, vegan etc) is what really turns me on with the whole Soylent thing. We’re not there yet, but I’d like to raise the point. =)


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The issue is not just the bottles. Soylent 2.0 is 5X the weight of powdered Soylent, and that translates to much more transport cost and much more packaging cost per unit of product delivered.


Kinda funny situation, I mean if they had started with a liquid product and then moved on to a powder product it would be less of a problem. Ironic how the flaw in their product releases was that the first one was too good. You really can’t beat powder.