The case against multis?


Greetings fellow Soylites.

While comparing various people’s formulae, I notice that some people are insistent about getting every micronutrient as a separate ingredient, while some people use multivitamins to cover some of them. I myself am using a multi to cover everything but calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and chloride, with additional supplementation to hit 100% on biotin, copper, vitamins A and K, and zinc.

I would love to hear any reasons why this is not good. Also, is there any particular reason to crush the pill and add it to the mix rather than take it as a pill?


I do use a multi-vitamin as a starting point for my soylent. I then add Vitamins C, K, more B’s, salt, potassium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, magnesium, and molybdenum, plus a trace nutrient supplement, to bring me up to my nutrient requirement.

I do crush up everything and add it to my daily mix (except the fish oil). This way I get constant absorption throughout the day; which seems to be the preferred method. It works well for me.


I use (well, plan to, stuff is being delivered still) a multivit too.
The main reasons people use separate powders are cost (longterm) and the ability to exactly control their dosage.

I like the simplicity of multivits and other tablets though. Not having to weigh much and thus not having to spend much time with the preparation.

Other then that…what Mike says.


If you crush it and mix it in to be drunk throughout the entire day I would imagine you get better absorption, but that’s just a guess.

It’s also a little annoying how there’s typically 18g of Iron simply because that’s the maximum recommended across all genders and age groups (females 19-50).



The walmart brand mens’ vitamin I use has no iron in it. I use a separate iron supplement (which I cut in half) for my daily requirement.


Nice. Mine is the most “complete” I found of 8 or so I compared, which is pretty awesome and supports my practical efficient lazy disposition, happens to have 18g iron though. I’m just dealing with it, may change it up later.


Forgot about this topic. I just posted this: Crushing up multivitamin = failure?
Have to be cautious not to let all the minerals sink to the bottom and miss being consumed. If your soylent gets darker and darker you’re probably missing them even with shaking before consumption.