The Cynical Gift of Soylent


Recently I’ve been receiving requests to help out and send meals to friends / coworkers who had surgery, sprained an ankle, gave birth, etc. Is it problematic that rather than baking a casserole I’d prefer to just send them a box of Soylent 2.0? It’s easier for them to prepare than reheating a casserole, is much healthier, not hard at all to consume when you’re immobile, and would probably help them recover faster.

Has anyone else been tempted to do this? If only this were socially acceptable…


It’s perfectly acceptible. I think. Many people aren’t familiar with Soylent. It’s actually fun to consume. Before RL made a gift pack available, I wanted to send some to new friends in a desert town, but there wasn’t a small enough appropriate amount.


Soylent is perfect for these situations IMO.

I’d just tell them about it in advance so they’re mentally prepared. Although I’d be a bit worried if they start to mentally associate soylent with being sick.


you could, you know, ask them if that’s something they’d like.


Very true. I should just ask :slight_smile: