The dairy makeup of soylent


Struggling to find out how much dairy (if any) is in Soylent ( 1.4) - I note when you search the main or discussion site - you find nothing on dairy and official Soylent. I need to give a adequate answer here to my wife about the dairy component. Help appreciated.


No dairy at all… it’s a vegan product.


Soylent 1.4 is vegan. No animal bits what so ever.


It doesn’t contain any dairy. It’s made entirely out of lab grown meat and cricket flour.


You can see various certifications at The FAQ.


It is??


(It is not made out of lab grown meat or cricket flour. That was a joke.)

Totally 100% vegan, no meat, no dairy. Used to have fish oil (on the side), but replaced that with algal oil (incorporated).


Sorry - original OP - I was obviously having a brainfart when I open this thread. Working too hard I guess. I somehow was thinking ( just for today it seems) that Vegan was like ovo-lacto vegetarianism - meaning just no meat, therefore I wanted to ask the specific dairy question. I do know what Vegan really does mean ( no meat, dairy, eggs) but again I need to drink more soylent to get my braing back from this embarrassing slip.