The day after yesterday


After one week 100% Soylent 1.4 I do my “Cheating-Day” as sheduled.
Every time when I make a diet I make a Cheatday.
This doesn’t allow you to eat much as you want,
but I gives you the possibility to eat what you want.

But now I feel like:
Went to a restaurant that you loved years ago,
the owner changed 10 times,
the business changed the town 3 times,
the italian restaurant sales now asia food!
Only the name stays the same: Food.

The best thing about the breakfast was a boiled egg. It got the taste I expected.
Toast & Wurstsalat (sausage-salad you may know from a Octoberfest/Beerfest) couldn’t stuff me.
It’s high calories.
And the taste wasn’t good as I had in mind.
But I bought the same salad as three weeks ago and I used to buy for the half of my life.
I was hungry! Not a little hunger. Hungry as a wolf.

Going to lunch wasn’t better!
In an pleasant anticipation I had a germanstyle Doener Kebab.
I planned it the whole week! I was hot to have a Doener! I was doener-horny.
It was tasty. It was yummy. It was good!
But it doesn’t stuffed me.
I was hungry again!
I was disappointed. Deeply disappointed.

For diner I prepared zucchini-spaghetti with garlic & oliveoil.
It won’t stuff me. Delicious of course, but keep me hungry.
It takes 4 zucchini to keep my hunger under control.

Try to cheat with “real”-food was the hardest anticlimax of my life.
Amazing how a week on Soylent can change your taste, the way you eat,
the amount of calories you need, your view on food!

Has anybody of you experience like this?
The same nightmare?

Today I’m back on Soylent, had 3 scoops until now,
feel stuffed, feel satisfied, feel happy! :heart:


Haha, not to your extreme, but somewhat similar. I think our minds and bodies are learning what proper nutrition feels like, and not being as excepting when what we put in our bodies is lacking. Last weekend I had 3/4 of a pizza (not a big delivery one, one of those thin grocery store ones)… afterward, I was left wanting Soylent. “Muggle food” is becoming more and more solely a matter of flavor and texture indulgence.
(If only I could make Soylent taste like a combo pizza with pepper flakes and romano cheese on top.)


Hmm, Soylent pizza crust…