"The Decline of Pseudoscience"

Article about pseudoscience, mostly in health and food diets, and how it is declining:

Some forum quack favorites, such as the “Food Babe” are mentioned.

I like that some pseudoscience around food is getting some push back finally but I’ve been following pseudoscience in general and how it’s viewed by the public long enough to not expect it’s going to go away anytime soon. Still though it’s nice to see the good guys winning some battles for a change.

I’d say pseudoscience in relation to food is stronger than ever.

If you type the names of most diseases, intolerances or vitamins/minerals into Google - the first results are seldom well-informed, epidemiological research based sources.

No, it’s usually supplement selling cranks like ‘Dr’ Mercola, Mark Sisson, ‘Food Babe’, Dave Asprey and other Paleo Diet celebrities.

In an age where science literacy is so low, there will always be good money in pseudoscience.
Though this recent bit of pushback is a promising sign of change.


I think there is a compromise here:

I think pseudoscience is on the decline, but that misinformation being disseminated on the internet it on the rise.


It’s possible that pseudoscience is on the decline - but that’s surely a recent phenomenon. It certainly seems as if we’re still near Peak Pseudoscience.

I may have just coined a phrase: Peak Pseudoscience.


From the article: “All this attention to pseudoscience, commercially and journalistically, may be having a different kind of deterrent effect: It’s too popular to be cool anymore. Once “wellness” becomes a thing in suburban Middle America, it stops being so in, say, the L.A. yoga mom subculture. Once clean eating goes from Gwyneth to Pepsi, it’s lost its air of exclusivity. The committed quacks won’t budge, but once pseudoscience isn’t a way of signaling that one is on the cutting edge, it loses its allure among the elites—the ones whose cultural and financial clout led to its popularity in the first place.”

Pseudoscience isn’t going away, it’s just going to move to something else. Maybe crystals will make a comeback, or someone will invent some new snake oil.

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So all those pyramind shaped crystals that i was told to put under my cot to attract um good energy…are useless? Sob

Well, next time the fad comes around maybe you can sell them for a premium as the “original” crystals which “work better” because reasons.