The Difference Between 'Best By,' 'Sell By' And 'Expires On'


The Difference Between ‘Best By,’ ‘Sell By’ And ‘Expires On’ on food (and other) labels:

Just in case it is relevant for those buying ingredients for DIY soylent, or those adding (possibly perishable) ingredients to official Soylent.


Also, for those of you mudbloods who still - for whatever reasons -show your face around pesaent food… here’s a chart I found recently explaining the shelf life of left overs, but in a non-threatening and pleasantly colorful manner!


The chart says not to freeze eggs, but according to the video above, you can freeze eggs and thaw them out as needed. I have no idea which is correct.

Not that I think I will ever have the desire to do so, so the point is probably moot for me. :fork_and_knife:


Naw. NAW. We can handle this ourselves right now. Let’s take this out to the parking lot and see just whose chart says wut!

uncomfortably lengthy joint popping

EDIT: Although to be fair, I’m using for a source. The same group that tried to tell us that typical automotive software runs on “100 million lines of code”…


Haha, no worries! I actually think it is a pretty good chart. The fruit and vegetable timeframes are good references I think.

I don’t think I will actually ever need to freeze eggs!

:chicken: (no egg emoticon, but here is a chicken)


I don’t think I will actually ever need to freeze eggs!

Are you a female approaching early stage menopause?

… that wasn’t funny I’m terrible


I laughed, it was funny :smiley: