The DIY marketplace seems to be taking off


Stumbled upon this somewhere on the interweb. What do you think?

How about a show of good faith soylent?

I hit the site and went to the marketplace. First thing I noticed was spaceman’s wares being peddled with the same layout hallmarks from his site.

Is this run by the same guy? He’s been so pervasive and pushy I absolutely don’t trust him now.


this it what it says on the contact page:

@axcho and @spaceman decided
to make a marketplace where everyone can offer and order their own
soylent according to popular DIY formulas. We believe that such a
“farmers market” will help to diversify options and expand the entire
powdered foods industry, ignited by Soylent.

So… would you like to have your product listed on our marketplace?

Let us know and we will guide you through.


it’s not him alone, its a cooperation between @axcho and @spaceman - they are doing the community a favor, enjoy the new service instead of criticizing their enthusiasm!
as far as I understand the site it’s open for other DIY products as well (for example @PurpleLizzard is already listed there as well)


What exactly is you objection? Because quite frankly I trust him more now. He isnt just selling his own. He is selling others as well. I fail to see anything problematic or nefarious about that site.


The only thing I don’t like about spaceman/this site is taking advantage of the same marketshare and slamming soylent at the same time. It’s classier to respect the competition, but it’s personal taste, I guess.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m glad there’s a ‘farmer’s market’ though-- I think this is a great alternative. =) Bookmarked.


  • I wish the links to the DIY recipe actually were links.
  • For people chow especially, describing in a small blurb what that particular ‘recipe’ is for would be awesome. I had to pull up the recipes and compare to understand.
  • Love the easy paypal subrscribe/etc buttons.


A year ago I would have agreed with you. At this point, I don’t know when to expect my order (placed MORE THAN A YEAR AGO from Rosa Labs) but I genuinely expect the order I placed with @axcho less than a week ago to be to me within the next two weeks (would have been sooner, but I’m traveling so told him not to uber-rush it). And @axcho has been much more communicative about shipping (and more willing to customize) than Rosa Labs has.

To me, @axcho and other DIY sellers, such as @Spaceman, are filling a marketshare that Rosa Labs very clearly abandoned a while ago.


Hey, @axcho here. Yes, I’ve been talking with @Spaceman about creating a marketplace for DIY soylent. Sure, he’s been a bit overzealous (spammy) in his self-promotion on this forum, but I think his heart is in the right place, and he has a lot to offer in terms of sharing the ingredient sourcing and fulfillment services he’s using.

What you see now at is just a rough proof-of-concept prototype, but it would be great to get your feedback on it! :slight_smile:

I’m also going to be making my own website for people to buy from me more easily (no more forum PMs) so I’ll post about that when it’s ready…

All the ugliness and poor usability is due to this website being a rough prototype, not using final tech or design. It’s a mockup, more than anything. All the stuff you describe would be great!


Thanks guys for direct speech.
Your critical suggestions help me to earn that all kind words in the end.

The Marketplace is made to compete with regular food.

My own experience and the experience of my customers show - one taste is too boring if you eat it for a long time. What will you do when you get boring? - right, switch to regular food. Because there is no alternative.

But if you have just another flavor of the same product (for instance chocolate in addition to classic formula) - you switch to it, staying in the 2000 calorie ecosystem.

So @delusion from one side you’re right - I “use” soylent when I take his not served customers,
from other side I give them mine, who came to me from Ensure, Raw food, etc.
But the main - we together make our small ecosystem bigger.

Thanks @axcho, @gueste, @jahhluv101 and many other “silent” helpers.

Lets Beat Whole Foods!


I just got my trial packs here in KC on Saturday. Havent tried them yet but I will soon. The more options the better. I cant wait for my official Soylent to get here. But in the mean time I might want to try someone/something else. I think it will be beneficial to have multiple formulas and flavors to choose from. At least until Soylent has variety of their own.


Let’s congratulate Jason Li*****ton, the first buyer!


Chocolate>Organic>Original and the original wasnt bad.


Er… Cross-posting this here, as it seems perhaps more appropriate for this discussion:


I received a similar request as @shadowhawkxx, I suppose for the same reasons, and I think his above post pretty well covers it.

I’m glad to see some of the folks around here showing some entrepreneurial spirit. I wish them well, and will enjoy watching this idea of soylent which we all love so much grow. Keep calm and soylent on.


I’d also be sure that you have Rosa’s blessings on using their 1.) Marketing material 2.) Product concept 3.) Community links 4.) Websites 5.) Educational material 6.)Diy website in particular .

Those recipes are the intellectual property of their creators - I have some concern in that regard. At the very least, make a visually distinct area on the page for official Soylent community and site links - a bordered area and something that says “Official Soylent community and links”

I like the site, the concept, and the spirit of the idea. Just needs some caution and polish. :smile:


Those recipes are the intellectual property of their creators

Recipies are not protected by copyright law, at least not by German law! (and I guess US law won’t be any different, see link at the bottom)
There is not enough threshold of originality for them to be eligible for copyright protection.
These simple How-Tos are not protected while depiction is. Your final product and your product marketing images might be protected (images are anyway) but a simple recipe sure is not.

Apart from that original Soylent is open source.

Funny fact: there exist porn movies that are not regarded as eligible for copyright protection by courts because they don’t have enough threshold of originality.

More information:
Wikipedia: Treshold of originality


I don’t give a crap about the law, I care about common courtesy. I would also argue that these are more akin to chemical formulas and significantly different than a recipe for conventional food.

Given the context, as well, I’m not as concerned about patentability as credit. Like open source software and so on.


I’m just happy to see such a marketplace exist, as it means the S/soylent concept is setting up deeper roots. Personally I’m very happy with official Soylent and not adventurous enough to try anyone’s DIY, but then I’m not trying to go totally 100% Soylent either. Ultimately the more variety and competition, the better for everyone IMO so, congrats to all involved in bringing this into reality! Sure it’s got some rough edges… it’s an infant! But I think it has the potential to develop into something really awesome.


All the DIY soylent recipies are variations of the original one / their concept is not substentially different. So the only one actually having enough treshold of originality might be the original Soylent recipe.
Then again, nutritionally complete powders /shakes are not a new invention, they have already been there for medical uses. Like tablets have been there before the iPad. Apple just made them suitable for the mass, like Rosa Labs does with nutritionally complete food.


Please let me clarify that I was not suggesting anything nefarious. Not sure how you got the impression that I was suggestion something wicked or criminal was taking place on the site.

I tend not to trust people who are aggressively marketing their product in a competing product’s forums. I am already very cynical when it comes to advertising. That period of time where Spaceman received his new bottles and was posting the picture of his Prius loaded up in so many threads and the perceived predatory advertising where he was pointing complaints about Soylent shipping to his website… just doesn’t sit well with me at all. There’s being an entrepreneur and then there’s parasitic marketing. I’m not a fan of the latter. Granted I probably witnessed this more frequently than a casual forum member because I am in here all the time.

I’m glad the marketplace exists. I would have preferred it be created by anyone but him.