The drab stupidity of Soylent


Guy hears about Soylent and makes a bunch of statements about dieticians without the necessary links to back them up. It’s virulent and baseless.


And it has a less negative cousin:


Though I understand the purpose in posting press stories (somebody is going to anyways, and it is useful to keep up on thoughts in the world), it seems just as detrimental to throw in every opinion piece Joe or Jane Shmoe feels the world must absolutely hear about and approve of.

On the one hand, somebody is going to come in here touting this as a ‘source,’ on the other, is it necessary to discuss every opinion / ‘press’ piece? There’s a lot of internet out there, and not all (much?) of it makes sense

*: … the front page to that website has the cover story ‘how silicon valley powers terrorism’… facepalm.


At least it serves the purpose of ensuring that the people who try soylent-making are determined enough to make sure that they are doing it correctly, getting the appropriate tests, and so forth. If everyone were making it, there would probably be a whole lot more accidents, which is not what is needed during the beta phase. If/when it turns out to be safe, then the press will come round to it, and all will be well.