"The Dystopian Future of Food: How Close Will Reality Be to Science Fiction?"

From Paste Magazine: “The Dystopian Future of Food: How Close Will Reality Be to Science Fiction?

Browsing their other articles, I found one titled “Ranking 40 Dystopias by Their Livability” in which they rank dystopia futures in movies and other fiction from best to worst. Which do you think came in last?

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The future depicted in The Terminator seemed pretty bad. Then again, humanity had actually won, so hm.

The name is a cheeky reference to the 1973 film Soylent Green

Seriously? How hard is this to check?

Right. Challenging.

From Soylent delivered via an Amazon subscription

Because an “Amazon subscription” is how we all get our Soylent, right?


Wait, how did humanity “win” in The Terminator?

The movie doesn’t describe how they did it, but Kyle Reese tells the police in the 20th century that humanity had beaten Skynet. That’s why they had control of Skynet’s time machine and could send Kyle back to follow the T-800 that Skynet sent in a last-ditch attempt to win the war before it had even begun.

(See http://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Terminator.html, search for “mainframes”.)

It depends on which Terminator movie you are talking about, but they all have endings where humanity “wins”.

Each one builds upon the previous, and in the newest one that just came out earlier this year (Genisys), they add a number of layers. However, if humanity didn’t “win” in the end, no one would really enjoy the movies.

Naturally, The Terminator. (Although specifically the dystopian future described in The Terminator. After the time travel kicks in, the very concept of an ending gets a bit wibbly.)

Spoiler alert, but some people enjoyed Last Night and The Cabin in the Woods.

Hmm… that does sound vaguely familiar. But if humanity won there shouldn’t have been any more movies!

Well, they “win” but as with many fiction stories dealing with time travel & causality, the results are malleable. They keep sending back more future robots which changes the timeline and causes humans to send back more future humans, which changes the timeline more and so on and so forth.

Terminator 2 was my favorite of the bunch, but the newest one that just came out was a close second, probably, just because they wove in an old Arnold into the story very well while weaving in scenes and elements of the original movies.

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You know, I started to reply but then… time travel. So nevermind. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well quite. It all gets a bit tricky with Douglas Adams time-travel tenses. Humanity won but then in the past Skynet changed the future, then Sarah Connor changed it again but only delayed it, then there was a TV show? Then Batman did something.