The "E-mailed they didn't respond" Thread


I’m making this thread with the hope that it will simplify things for @JulioMiles and the rest of the Soylent crew so they have one place they can check for all e-mail related problems.

So to start off: I sent an E-mail over a week ago now about a change of address and credit card and have not received any reply as to how to fix this.


I emailed about two weeks ago about reactivating a subscription I cancelled because they were charging for reships before the original shipments were sent out. No response.


Is Julio even responding to anyone anymore?


There was a blog post yesterday and he was replying to people on Thursday if I remember right. But just for fun, I’ll retag @JulioMiles just in case he missed this thread


I emailed yesterday about changing my shipping address and was seriously responded to twice in the same day. After hearing all the negativity about their communication, it was really surprising how promptly i was replied to. I wasn’t hostile about delays or anything either.


Julio, promised me once I re-ordered my Soylent he would ship asap and hasn’t responded in 3 days… Very rude.


I sent them an email this past week and I got (what I assume was) an automated email back saying they were experiencing higher than average email volumes and to not expect any sort of reply for 7-10 days. Anyone else get this?


I emailed them awhile ago about my 2 new subscriptions (after our initial purchase, which we received some time ago). Haven’t heard back yet.

We are now out of Soylent. :frowning:


I’m in the same boat. I’m about to run out of Soylent and my reorder isn’t shipping.

The address had been replying to my emails very quickly, but only to tell me that they forwarded my email to “specialized support team members to rectify this issue”. They haven’t responded to emails I sent Friday or today.

Update – They responded to my latest email, claiming that my reorder would ship first thing this morning. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.



My partner and I were sharing one order of Soylent at about 50% daily use each. We’ve been out of Soylent since July 8th!

Emailed to Sun, Jul 6, 2014

I was a day two (May 22, 2013), one month backer.

I signed up, and was billed, for a monthly subscription on May 14th, 2014.

My original backer order shipped on June 5th, 2014.

I heard rumblings about a new subscription site and created an account on the chargebeeportal site on June 15th, 2014, but it was clearly still being set up and there were a lot of things I couldn’t do, such as verify my subscription.

I received the “Important message about your subscription” on June 23rd, 2014.  Unfortunately, I was crazy busy and forgot about it…

Until yesterday when I went to my UPS office to pick up my expected July order only to find no Soylent. :frowning:

Yesterday, I logged back into my chargebeeportal account and updated my billing and shipping address.  I also noted that my next billing date isn’t until 01-Jan-2015, despite the fact that I was a day two backer who has finished his first month’s worth (50/50 with partner), and paid for a subscription before I even received my first month’s worth.  I thought, maybe there is a daily cron job to update dates, but, as of today, I’m still showing that I won’t be billed until Jan 2015.

So, when can I expect my next shipment of Soylent to go out the door?

Response from Justin Jul 10, 2014


Thank you for contacting us. Did you use the same email address to purchase the reorder that was used to purchase your reorder? Please reply to let me know. Below is an explanation of a reorder:

Once a customer receives their first delivery, any other orders they have already placed (or will place) will be considered reorders and be shipped as such (1-2 weeks). Additionally, you need to use the same email for the reorder that you did for your initial order so that our system can recognize that it is a reorder. If you are using a different email address to place another order, please let us know so that we can update your records.Please let me know if you have any further questions!Best,

The Soylent Team

My same day response

Yes, I used the same email address ([email address I used]).  I had subscribed (and WAS CHARGED) and all looked well prior to the switch to chargebeeportal.

So, when can I expect my next shipment of Soylent to go out the door?

Justin’s same day response

Hello again,

Thank you so much for this information. I have forwarded this issue to our specialized support team members for resolution and it has an Urgent priority on it.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

The Soylent Team info as of July 21st

Your next billing is on 01-Jan-2015.

We’ve been out of Soylent since July 8th!


It has now been two weeks since I e-mailed and still no word. Not to be a whiner, but I’d really like to get this issue solved. I’m not sure if I’ve been charged for my order yet(ordered in early September 2013), but if I haven’t, it will be pretty hard for them to get payment from a no longer active credit card.


We received your payment when you made your contribution. Crowdtilt charged credit cards immediately.


What about my change of address?


I see a 148th ave address. Is that the correct one?


No sir, I moved a couple months ago and e-mailed Info@Soylent 2 weeks ago about this change of address as well as the credit card business


I can happily report, that I recently sent in a request to cancel my order. They responded within 2 days of my email.( I did send in the request on a Friday) The refund was quickly submitted. I was becoming very concerned that this company was a sham. The quick response has changed that view. There is some integrity. It appears this is a company that has done an excellent job selling it’s product, but has a long journey ahead in the fulfillment of it’s product.


Happening to us as well. We tracked our order as “delivered” by Fed Ex last week, but never received by us. We have an apartment that manages all packages, and they never received or signed for our soylent, yet it was marked as “delivered”

We understand that Fed Ex’s mistake is neither your nor our fault, but we still have not received the product we purchased, nearly a year ago.

We would simply like to receive the shipment.

So i emailed. Every email address I could find online, including the one on Soylent’s website ( is what is auto populated when you choose “contact by email” on the website - which bounced back as a non existent email. we also tried info@, support@, help@,

First off - the contact email is apparently not correct, and needs to be fixed. Also the login using Facebook feature is broken on this page when creating a new account to comment. Second - does anyone know a way of successfully contacting customer support?

Here is our message:

Hi, we ordered Soylent, got your email and tracked our order. We have an
office that takes packages, that never received or signed for our order,
yet it says delivered. It’s not here. What are our options? We’ve been
waiting for a year, and I know fed ex mistakes aren’t either of our faults,
but is there some way we can make this work & receive our order?

The order is under
[personal details omitted for this public post. details included in email sent.]

Thank you for your time & consideration.


Thanks to the OP for creating a place where we can submit our questions and hope to have them seen by support. we’re all clearly here bc we think that what Soylent is / is doing - is worth the wait and the money. we’re here because we’re on board - we dont need the sell, we’re already fans. and we’re patient fans - i’m a community manager, with a CSR background, specifically experienced in crowdfunding. i know what you’re going through as a company, and you’re troopers. the “after a successful crowdfund” phase is INSANE. we as customers, just want an opportunity to reach out to you, the CSRs, CMs and devs, with our questions. Thanks so much for your time.


Hello @kihten, we received your emails to from earlier this morning, thanks for alerting us to this issue.

We will try to get a new shipment overnighted to you today, if not it will go out first thing Monday. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Edit: I’m also having trouble finding where is listed on our website, can you provide some clarification? Thanks :smile:


Hey there, sorry to necropost but I’m having the same problem here. I moved about a year ago and remembered I had the pre-order for some Soylent, so I sent an e-mail about my change of address to (which was the e-mail provided at the end of a Soylent update e-mail during 2013) around the time of my move. Didn’t hear back since, and I’m worried my shipment may have arrived at my previous place of residence (if at all).


Read the 3 pinned threads at the top of the forum. Email