"The End Of Food Is Here, Finally" | Wall Street Journal


Wall Street Journal Article:

The End Of Food Is Here, Finally

(It is behind a paywall, so hopefully that google link gets around it; It did for me.)


Unfortunately, the link does not get me past the paywall. However, I can read enough of the review to see that the reviewer actually liked 2.0. This is exciting news and probably will help our favorite food!

As far as I can recall, this is the first time Soylent has been treated other than as a punching bag by any of the mainstream media. (I’m thinking about you, New York Times!)


Link worked for me. It’s refreshing to see a positive review from someone who actually understands the purpose of Soylent. Need to see more of this in the media…


Didn’t work for me. Maybe because I’m on a mobile?


I googled part of the text that showed and got a google link that showed me the whole article. This is a writer who basically affirms the “it’s coming for your frozen burritos” idea–he likes having 2.0 around when he doesn’t have the time or energy to rustle up a conventional meal that isn’t pure junk.


For those that the above link doesn’t get you past the paywall, here is a place where the article was reprinted without the images:


Wow, what a great article.

Makes me think of an advertising campaign:

Soylent: the faster fast food.
And it’s better for you.
And it’s probably cheaper.

Or something like that.