"The Enduring Appeal of a Meal in a Pill"

The last section (at the bottom of the article) is entitled “Food Hacking with Soylent”:


I think I missed it the first time around, but this section perplexed me a bit:

And it may not be all hype: At three calories a penny in Rhinehart’s reckoning, or about $7 for a day’s worth of nutrition, Soylent — if it ever sees full-scale production — would be no more expensive than fast food but vastly more healthful. And while the product still might be prohibitively expensive for people in developing nations, Rhinehart hopes one day to engineer genetically altered Soylent-producing algae, which would make the drink essentially free.

Are their figures wrong? It is already about $9 for a day’s worth of nutrition–$7 a day seems like not that much cheaper. Perhaps I am misunderstanding?

Sounds like the fact checking department is falling down on the job again. Not only is Soylent currently $9 a day but it is currently in full-scale production.

It is possible that they meant a larger scale production or something? Who knows.

The rest of the article is pretty positive on Soylent, anyway.

A lot of articles about Soylent, even recent articles, rely on outdated information. I’ve read two reviews in the last three months that, rather than test the product itself, quoted reviews from 2013.

In this case, the article is again referencing outdated figures. In May 2013 Rhinehart was projecting about $7 a day, after RL started full-scale production.

A lesson on how information and quotes can stick around for awhile, I suppose. (…and, therefore, to be careful and selective about what is said or released.)

In the grand scheme of things, 2013 is not that long ago. Obviously, in the life of Soylent it was a very long time ago.

I think when RL launches one of their future versions, they need to invite the press and launch it in front of the press like how they launch phones.

Which version should it be…1.6 or when they go the solid route (Soylent 2.0?). I think the press will have its minds blown :smile: