The environmental impact of soylent


A question for @rob, @JulioMiles, etc.

I’ve been given a project (university assignment) to propose a more environmentally-friendly version of a common product. I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce the idea of Soylent to a bunch of people, as I will ultimately be giving a 20 minute presentation and writing a report.

My question is have any analyses been done in this regard on Soylent? I suppose it would be necessary to wait at least until the recipe is finalised. I could forge ahead with analysing some sort of custom recipe - even my own - but I think for publicity and accessibility purposes it would be better to focus on Soylent with a Capital S.

Any available info, including dates when more info may be available, would be appreciated.



I wonder what the most environmentally friendly way to make soylent would be… and I wonder how close the official recipe comes to being optimal (compared to current food production) in that regard… sustainability is a huge concern of mine.