The "experiences" category description needs to be modified


This category description needs to be modified


Please use the “meta” category for this type of suggestion, and reference the subject you’re referring to – in more detail as well in this case. It’s hard to really get anything constructive from “needs to be modified”.

I’d assume without context that you’re referring to the trailing “1.0” in the experiences tagline, but I’ll let this stay open for another day in case you had something more specific in mind.

@codinghorror, this is a decent point (if perhaps not desperately urgent): the “experiences” category still bears a reference to version 1.0 explicitly. It would probably be more technically accurate for this label to read something akin to “…Official or DIY Soylent”. When you’ve got the chance, think you could wave your magic admin-wand over those words? :slight_smile:


Perhaps, bundling, and locking each version experience up.


Oh, that’s a cool idea - I’m not sure if it might cause undue confusion though, with multiple tags visible as well as the overlap of people still posting about older versions during the rollout of newer ones. It’s something to consider though.


Potentially, leave 1.3 and 1.4 open but close previous versions.


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