The final Soylent nutrition profile is very close to RDA


I see in the soylent nutrition label that almost every single nutrient is 33% on the nose of old school RDA.

only vitamin E, vitamin K, and iodine have significantly more. calcium and iron have a little more. But what is most surprising is that so many are 33% on the nose. I would have guessed that they would have ended up with a more opinionated profile. For example there seems to be some gaining consensus that people should have much more vitamin D.


Yeah, the RDA on some things is probably not perfect, yet. And it varies by where you live. Near the equator, D supplementation isn’t a thing, so much. I live above 60 degrees latitude, so obviously I’ll have to take D supplements on top of Soylent.

I’ll also supplement with folic acid and fish oil, both to help with my arthritis–something the D should also do. (The folic acid is to keep my arthritis medicine from making me too sick to my stomach to function. And there was this really compelling study about fish oil helping arthritis patients, but only in fairly high doses–6 grams or so a day.)

Venturing further beyond things the RDA covers, I’m not ruling out trying turmeric and ginger supplements, once neither is part of my diet, because both have been shown to help with inflammation-related diseases and pain. The trick is finding a USP-verified source of either. Maybe they’ll taste OK just dumped into the Soylent as spices. :wink:


Yeah I believe some vitamins like C and D should be over RDA. Most people don’t die from scurvy these days, but Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem apparently. The best way to get this vitamin however seems not from diet but to play outdoors, the body creates it using sunlight in the appropriate doses.