The first recipe for Bulgaria, please comment


I’ve been following soylent for the last year, and now that Rob posted his nutrition breakdown, I’ve decided to go with my own version for the Bulgarian market. So in the past 10-12 days I’ve done a lot of reading on what is what and what does what in the world of food, and I feel pretty confident that I’ve made a good formula with the available products in BG.
That being said, I still have several questions that I need to clear up.
With my recipe, I tried to use as little ingredients as possible. The daily vits were particularly good since they gave me 100% of pretty much everything.

  1. One problem I had is that the Manganese went over the UL when using more than 200gr of Oat Flour as per this site. So I had to cut on the oats and compensate with malto. Still, it’s quite close to the UL so I’ll be glad to hear from someone that is using this much oats or Manganese.
  2. Next are the fibers - since I’ve cut on the oat flour I got even smaller amount. I wonder how rob is getting it all from 230 gr of flour. Is he using a different number to calculate it? Anyhow - at the moment I think to just start with the current value and maybe increase them to gradually if needed. So my question is - what to watch for if the fibers are low?
  3. As for the omegas - I was able to combine Olive oil and Flax Seeds in such way to get all the fats and to preserve the required 1:2.5 ratio of omega 3:6. But the omega 3 is above the Rob’s recommendation and I couldn’t find some definitive source about the upper limit. Should I be worried about this much omega 3 long term?
  4. The Iron is lower than the target, but that’s because they aim for the women intake. 8 mg should be enough for men.
  5. The sodium is also lower, but I’m not sure if I should add some salt to increase it since it will get my Chloride level very high. The US DRI already put it in overdose. Should I be worried for any of those?
  6. And finally - the sulfur. I’ve read couple of threads, where people raise concern about the definition of this value - should it be pure sulfur, or should it be sulfur-containing amino acids (SAA) (source). If it’s the second I think I have enough from the proteins and the oats to fulfill the SAA requirement. Anyone with advice on this one?

So in conclusion - I’ll start gathering the ingredients in the next week or so and hopefully will start living mostly on soylent very soon. I would also be glad, if other bulgarians come forward so we could start a local discussion :smile:


Congrats on starting your own recipe! Rob’s post also triggered my own soylent build.
Some comments;

  1. A different multi might get you the right balance for manganese and iron. I think centrum has a lesser level of magnesium (so you can add back in the oats)
  2. Ground flaxseed is a pretty good source of fiber (~30% per g) - better than oats (~10%). If you’re worried about fiber intake, up the flax. Or you can add some external fiber source - they’re pretty cheap to get in bulk.
  3. Don’t worry about the omega ratio so much. People have been talking about 1:1 ratios for their omega 3/6’s. AFAIK, there’s really nothing wrong with have substantially more omega 3s. It’s a useful non-empty calorie source, unlike maltodextrin.
  4. As you mentioned, most men don’t need as much iron as women, but a different multi should also take care of the iron levels easily.
  5. No reason why you need to add in sodium per se, but you definitely don’t want to have too much - it can lead to hypertension and high blood pressure. Personally, my soylent has almost no sodium in it, and my blood pressure has dropped significantly since I started using it. Not really sure about chloride levels. Wikipedia’s always a good start for researching that one.
  6. If you look at the links discussing SAA, when you calculate the amount of sulfur in the amino acids, it doesn’t work out to that much overall.

Good luck on your grand experiment!


Re: Chloride - it’s pretty much regulated by the kidneys, so having too much chloride will potentially put additional strain on them. Hyperchloremia is possible, but it would take a lot of work to accomplish at this level and with low levels of sodium.
If you have blood pressure or renal concerns, it may be best to leave the sodium out.


Thanks for the feedback @isaackotlicky :smiley:

  1. I specifically selected this multi in order to cut on any other supplements I might need and just get it from 1 pill. The iron is exactly on the RDA for men - 8 mg just from the oats and flax. So far the only problem from the multi is that it adds 2 mg Manganese that pushes the total very close to the UL. I was just wondering whether such high dose (but not above the UL) is ok for long term intake. Also in the micronutrients post, Rob mention that he is getting 2.3 mg Manganese from supplement, in addition to everything from the oats. I wonder how much does the original Soylent have…
  2. I would gladly add more flaxseeds, but I do worry about the Omega-3 intake. is it OK to go this high? Unfortunately here in BG I cannot find any cheap fibers in bulk - the best deal is 80 gr for $1.5 which is not feasible at all.
  3. After some more reading I found these two sites, both noting that the plant version of Omega-3 (ALA) is quite harmless, and all the unwanted effects come from EPA and DHA. The wanted are also mainly because of them, but I’m OK with situation where my only source of O-3 is from ALA. So I guess I could start with even more flaxseeds and just be sure to check regularly my blood levels for any deviations in the first year or so.
  4. The Iron should be covered by the oats just fine as noted in 1.
  5. I am aware of the side efects -after all it’s one of the most talked about food additives in recent years. I was mislead by the defaults on the profile I selected. I guess I should double check everything just to be on the safe side. 1.5 gr is a perfect RDA.
  6. They discussed that it’s not the sodium amount per se, but rather the total SAA (sulfur-containing amino acids) amount - another link and one from IOM. After checking up with some online sources it comes up to 2.9 g for my recipe. If so I wouldn’t need any more Sulfur supplements.

As for the chloride - it’s the only thing that is above the UL of any of the ingredients. I think to just start as it is, and possibly to decrease the intake by switching to 66% KCl in the future. It will lower the Sodium by factor of 2, but I guess it’s not a big deal :smiley: