The first thing I did after my first sip of Soylent 2.0

I canceled my subscription of Soylent 1.5 and subscribed 144 bottles of Soylent 2.0 using the 20% off coupon code(BMKIBLER). The code is no longer working, but it will be resumed soon.

As a kickstarter backer, I’ve been drinking Soylent since the June 2014. Soylent is about 50% - 70% of my meal. I’ve tried other DIY Soylents as well. This time, I have to say, well done, well done Rosa Lab.

  1. Taste. I didn’t have strong preference regarding 1.0-1.3. The taste was quite neutral. I liked the taste of 1.4 at first, but eventually hated it. I couldn’t recall exactly the taste of 1.4, but I can say 1.4 was the worst among all the past versions, IMO. 1.5 was better, but I kind of a little bit sick of the taste after drinking it for month. I tried using flavors, but it didn’t work for me either. Soylent 2.0, it’s the first time that I can say the taste is kind of enjoyable. It taste like cheerios/milk a little bit with a hint of sweet rice. As an Asian I have to say, Rosa Lab hit the sweet spot. :smile:

  2. Texture. It is sooooooo freaking smooth. None of the previous version or other DIY soylent can compare with Soylent 2.0. The thickness is between water and milk. I am not a milk drinker. Milk constantly gone bad in my refrigerator. One of the reasons I don’t like Soylent 1.x that much was because of the texture. Sometimes I have to hold my breath to finish the Soylent. I see no problem at all drinking Soylent 2.0 daily, even 100%.

  3. Cost. The price is acceptable compare to eating in the restaurant. Personally I never cook. Even with Soylent 2.0, it still saves me a lot of money. Of course I would like to see RL drive the price down to a more affordable level. I am willing to pay a premium for flavored version or functional version (double protein, energy boost etc).

  4. Convenience. That’s the main reason why I chose Soylent. It’s a HUGE life saver. I can’t imagine life without Soylent. I didn’t eat breakfast before. Just simply because I prefer to sleep for extra 30 minutes than have breakfast. With Soylent, I can drink it on my way to work, I can drink it in meeting, I can drink anywhere I want. I became healthier since I started drinking Soylent. The only hassle was I have to carry the big air tight bottle around all the time. I have to make 3 meals at once, and they are only good for 2 days(I lost my scoop and I like to chill the Soylent for a couple hours. That’s why I don’t make one meal size). Now all problems are solved! I can keep a box of Soylent at work, a box of Soylent at home. No bottles carry around and don’t need to worry about Soylent gone bad. I can drink whenever I want. I am honestly willing to pay more just for this. At first I didn’t like the 400 calories bottle, but now I think it makes sense. It’s perfect size to enjoy it at once. The last sip of Soylent will still be cold. If it’s 650 calories, it will be either the texture is too thick or it’s too much for one sitting.

Overall, great job, Rosa Lab. Keep up with the good work!

P.S. While I am typing this, I just couldn’t resist to drink Soylent 2.0 next to me again and again, even I am going to a dinner party in about an hour. If you haven’t try it yet. Do it now!


Well why did you jump to 650? I too didn’t like the 400 calories at first. And I still don’t. I wish it were 500. Other than that, PERFECT!..and a little pricey.

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Yes, at 500, it would be same serving size as 1.x - but I think this is a sneaky way to put in a 20% price increase =); for the additional convenience, I’m willing to shell out.

I agree. I actually enjoy 2.0. I drink it every day now. The texture is great. Good job Rosa Labs, you hit the sweet spot. I’m scared now that you’ll change the recipe and make it taste bad.


I drank Soylent 1.x in 3 meals, that’s why I jumped to 600.

I can deal with 500. 4 meals, 5 meals doesn’t make a big difference to me. Then people will start asking question why not 600. I guess the 400 bottle offers more flexibility. People can choose among 1,200, 1,600 and 2,000 diet.

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I brought Soylent 2.0 to work yesterday. It was quite a hit in the office.

Coworkers bought from me at $2.5 per bottle (I offered for free but they insisted). All the feedback are positive. They like the taste, and some even consider to replace breakfast with Soylent.


They’re not going to replace breakfast with Soylent. They’re going to replace what they normally eat for breakfast with Soylent.