The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


I thought it would be nice to have a specific go-to thread for the experiments people are doing to flavor Soylent.

So far it seems that trying to ‘add’ flavor to the Soylent mixture is a difficult process, specifically when trying to add another powder of some sort after the Soylent has already been mixed up.

Adding a fruit directly to the mixture when blending seemed to work well[quote=“jeybee, post:12, topic:12544”]
Just prepared a lunch shake and decided to add a whole fresh banana and blend the whole thing. Now we’re talking! This has drastically improved the taste, to the point where the grittiness doesn’t really bother me. It’s thicker and creamier which helps, but hopefully it won’t take a full banana EVERY meal

Then there are some ideas that have been popping up here and there like:

I have an idea of my own as well, although I think I might have read this elsewhere too. What about mixing Soylent with other drinks like Chocolate Milk or Orange juice or Lemonade instead of water?

So please, report your experiments here and the results, as well as any ideas you can propose for flavoring Soylent!

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From what I’ve gathered so far from reading various posts on the matter, it seems to me that for best results the flavor being added needs to be in liquid form, since powders don’t seem to have much effect.


My experience was that extracts also have a tough time coming through. I tried a couple drops of Stevia (which is seriously potent stuff) and it made an extremely faint difference. I also tried vanilla extract and found that I couldn’t really taste much of it until I added over 2 tablespoons to maybe 12 ounces of Soylent, and that nearly ruined the drink because all I tasted at that point was the alcohol in the vanilla. It was terrible.

Using something already mixed as an alternative to the water itself, seems like it might work well… I may try that at some point.


For powdered additions, try making a slurry out of it with the water first. If you’re going to mix 2 liters of water into your Soylent powder, put half of the water and the flavor powder into the blender and mix it up good first, then add the remaining water and soylent.

The first thread below includes some high-power liquid flavorings, that are advertised as being usable for e-cigarette liquid. Someone was wondering if that’d work, but nobody was brave enough to try it yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

There were previous flavoring threads, where people were using cocoa powder and cinnamon successfully. (rummage)
Here are two previous ones:


I would really like to try this as both my wife and I have IB issues. My question on the flavoring though is…would diluting Soylent still provide the amount of nutrients (in terms of average daily intake of 2000 cal or more) as it would if it wasn’t diluted?

In other words, does adding flavor reduce the nutritional value of Soylent?

I really hope this is the answer to all IB related issues, what a change that would be for the world!


In a previous thread you said you were trying to avoid adding oil but ended up using canola oil. Did you start using the canola oil before you started experimenting with flavors? Was there any significant taste difference with and without oil?

I’m wondering if the reason tastes don’t come through much is because the oil coats and essentially blocks a lot of taste-buds.


Hmmm interesting thought. I started with flavorings only after I had decided to add the oil. The oil helped with consistency a bit, but I didn’t notice any flavor difference with that on its own. I didn’t try flavoring before adding the oil so I couldn’t say if that’s a factor or not. Sounds like an interesting item to experiment with though! Anyone care to try flavoring a batch without oil and see if there’s a difference in success rate?


Surely if you’re consuming the entire pack of Soylent, it won’t matter whether you’ve diluted it with 1l of water or 2 litres plus flavouring, you’re still getting 100% of the nutrients in the pack.


@TheMongoose I agree so long as a person also gets enough water since that is also a nutrient.


@TheMongoose and @NoFlames , That seems to make sense from a large perspective but, my concern is that substances will find a way to bond. When bonding, molecules will change and therefore, in turn, nutrients will change. My concern is that…adding and mixing Soylent will change the molecular properties of it, which may result in a less potent consumable then would be otherwise. Perhaps I am way off base but, this is how I feel.
Thank you!


That’s one of the things that both the company and the DIYers have had to deal with… search for ‘phytic acid’ for more than you’ll ever want to see about nutrient blocking/binding. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes, just do it. It’s awesome and covers up many funky flavors. I use regular coffee if in the morning, or else decaf coffee. Not that this is the only thing I do. I don’t always want coffee flavor, but it sure is nice and adds basically zero fat/cal/protein to add one cup. I just made up a serving of DIY keto Soylent, and blended it using about 40 oz water/ice (so I can make it instantly cold) I added one cup of coffee. Tastes awesome.

I also have been experimenting with adding raw cacao powder. Don’t really know why this over regular cocoa, but the Keto recipe I copied used it for one of the recipes, and so I do as well. I like that it also adds a different flavor to the mix.

I’d love to find some sort of essential oils to experiment with. I’m currently keeping Keto, and yet don’t like to use artificial sweeteners, so that means I’m left with considering essential oils. Would love to hear others use of them and how it turned out.


Oh, forgot to add: I use cinnamon in my Soylent. Doesn’t really add flavor, just seems to neutralize the blend’s flavor. When I tried adding enough cinn to make it flavored that way, it was too powdery feeling and was hard to drink. Still, I’m adding 4g of cinn right now and that looks like a lot, but it’s divided across the three servings of the day.


I used a whole banana, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, and one packet of Stevia to make my Soylent taste fantastic. I first tried without the Stevia and it still tasted amazing.


Anyone have any newly discovered ways to flavor 1.0 Soylent? I’m really not liking the taste and I haven’t found anything that seems to work. Tried bananas, stevia and cocoa powder (but maybe not enough of any of them?) and none of them does anything to adjust the flavor. Going to pick up some cinnamon after work today to see how that works.


Which mix instructions are you using, the scoop method or the full pitcher method? One is thicker than the other. Also how many days have you given the flavor a chance. The taste buds might need a reset from the former diet, and it’s possible that the flavor would be better over time. I noticed @Vanclute his experience was uncertain of the flavor at first, but over time his tastes have changed and he really likes it as is.

For flavoring, I think coffee would work well if you like the taste of coffee. You might want to use decaf so the caffeine doesn’t cause energy swings.


Something I did with flavorless protein powders in the past was add the flavored syrup things that usually goes in coffee.


I’ve tried both the scoop and pitcher methods and the pitcher method sure gives a nicer consistency. But it’s the flavor that’s really tripping me up. I’m struggling to down anything at all of it, so I’m not really seeing myself “teaching my tastebuds to like it” unless I can improve the taste.

And I do not like the taste of coffee, otherwise that does seem like a good candidate to “overpower” everything else.


@NoFlames was kind enough to give me a sample of his Udo flaxseed-based oil to try as a substitute for the canola oil I’d been using. The interesting side effect however was that it definitely imparted a distinct flavor to the Soylent, with only 3.25 Tbls of it in the pitcher. It would seem that flavored oils might do the trick.

My attempts with powdered peanut butter, stevia, and vanilla really did not go well at all, and after that debacle I left it “plain” and found that every day it got perceptibly “sweeter” to me until after about 2 or 3 days it became absolutely divine. It was never bad, but it grew on me in a big way.

My sense is that liquids (oil or otherwise) will work best (like coffee, which I also don’t care for), just not so much extracts.


My flavor of the day is cinnamon. 1tablespoon Saigon cinnamon in 20oz of Soylent ™ 1.0. I used the nutribullet whipping blade to get a good mix. It’s a cinnamon shake or perhaps horchata. Salud.