The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


I don’t miss the extra sweetness at all! 1.1 still has a slight aftertaste but it’s much less thankfully, imo.


Try adding PB2. :smile:


Some of us can’t add PB2! Bad things would happen to us.


My gf has had great success with bananas (frozen), blueberries, and cacao powder. :smile:


I never actually added it to the pitcher directly, always just sort of put half a packet or so into the cup I was drinking. I’d say pretty much just add according to your particular taste – start with one, and add more if it isn’t strong enough.

(later reply I know, been busy moving house)


I have been looking for a savory flavor for my Soylent. Any suggestions? I am quite tired of the sweet flavorings, fruits, coffee, etc. Now Bacon flavor would be great!!! Anything in the tomato family or spicy would be nice.


I just got my first batch of V1.1 and here’s how I just flavored it:
Sorry for not having measurements, I’m only trying out one glass at a time
-replace water with green tea

  • cocoa powder
    -greek yogurt

chocolatey and a little tangy, with an aftertaste of green tea.


for 27 ounces of original mix of Soylent I added

2 packets of Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix (Rich Chocolate Flavor)

Taste: Nice chocolate taste, not overwhelming at all or too sweet. Just right in my opinion.


I just got my first order of Soylent and I’ve been experimenting with “Recipes” and I’ve got my own addition. Banana bread soylent!

BTW, I kind of wish didn’t just have DIY soylent recipes. I’d love a site with searchable recipes that involve adding things to Official Soylent to either flavor it, or achieve various nutritional goals, or whatever other reason you’d want to mix stuff with soylent. (I think I saw someone made soylent cookies??)

Anyway! If you want your soylent to taste like banana bread, here’s what you do:

1 pack soylent
Whatever oil you use
Optional: Extra oil. I put in extra olive oil.
1 banana
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp ground cloves
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla flavoring (probably optional)
Blend, refrigerate, enjoy.

I stumbled onto this by accident while trying to make soylent nog. If anyone figures out how to make soylent taste like egg nog without adding dairy or processed sweeteners (sugar, artificial, etc), let me know! haha.


Normally I just add chocolate flavor, but for some reason I decided last night to try something different. I really like the Crystal Light Peach Flavored Ice tea powder mixed with water, so I thought it might be good mixed with Soylent. Turns out that this is a really bad idea. At least I am able to cross that experiment off the flavor list.


I was taking GNC Chocolate Multivitamin Sport Mix with whole milk along with breakfast before I received my first shipment of Soylent. It seemed wasteful to leave it in the cabinet to rot, so I decided to try it out as a Soylent mix for my morning meal.

Turns out it tastes pretty great, esp. with the kick of caffeine - I’ll even mix a little Toddy cold brew coffee if I need an extra boost, which makes it taste like mocha =)

Note: I don’t eat/drink exclusively Soylent, I only use it for breakfast and occasionally lunch. The GNC mix has 100% of some fat soluble vitamins, so I’ll only take 1/2 serving of the vitamins to avoid overdoing it.


I’d really like to find some kind of pumpkin flavoring. My lady and I were commenting that pumpkin seems to make everything better and we love this time of year with pumpkin pancakes, milkshakes, fudge, cookies, yogurt, etc. When I thought about that, I thought pumpkin Soylent wounded like it would be really tasty!


trader joes sells a version of the “pumpkin spice” that seems to become an ingredient of every food product for 2 or 3 months out of the year


It’s defiantly the spices. You can use a pumpkin spice blend or customize yourself with nutmeg cinnamon ginger and allspice.


I added a quarter teaspoon of peppermint extract to my normal chocolate mix and it is very good!


I used 2 tablespoons of Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa for 600 ml of Soylent 1.0. It took a lot of vigorous stirring and waiting for the powder to dissolve, but eventually the clumps went away. The resulting chocolatey taste is much more palatable than plain Soylent.


I realized a few weeks ago that there’s a whole section of my local grocery store with dozens of exquisite soylent enhancers:

Coffee creamers

Some flavors I’ve tried:

  • French vanilla <-- meh, similar to default soylent
  • Hazelnut <-- good.
  • Caramel <-- meh.
  • Baileys Irish cream <-- a little too sweet for me
  • Chocolate cream <-- good.
  • Coconut cream <-- meh.
  • (Holiday) Sugar cookie <-- really tasty
  • Chocolate chip cookie <-- really REALLY tasty
  • Girl scout Thin Mint cookie <-- good.
  • Holiday nog (egg nog) <-- really good.

There are even many options (some above) with dairy free and/or sugar free versions.

…and since the less-sweet 1.2 formula, I’ve alternated between using creamers and just unflavored soylent, and now I feel I can better appreciate the flavorlessness.


You can dissolve the cocoa in a cup with a small amount of hot water much more easily, because you can mash the blobs to wet the powder within, and then add that mix to your Soylent. Common chef’s trick for cocoa, starches, and other powders that tend to form blobs around dry pockets.

It’s very hard to stir or shake the blobs off their little cores of powder. Immersion blenders can do the trick, though.


Liquid almond extract! Totally delicious. I got a bottle of it for $2 at Aldi and it works wonders.

Whatever you do, though, don’t try Soylent with liquid peppermint extract and nothing else. Not sure why I thought that would be a good idea, but it’s basically like drinking toothpaste with sand in it. xP


Have you tried it yet? How was it?