The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


I myself am curious to try this…



My experiment with peppermint was worsened by accidentally knocking over the bottle and spilling half of it on the counter. My kitchen smelled like peppermint for days.

Almond rocks, though.



Been consuming Soylent regularly since 1.0. This seems to be the best and easiest flavoring for me and it really is palatable:

  • One bag Soylent in provided pitcher
  • One tablespoon Coffee Mate
  • Oil & water and the final key ingredient
  • 1, 11oz ***

EAS AdvantEdge chocolate drink. You can buy these by the case, Just shake and go - way too easy and improves the taste so much that it is not an issue anymore.
Perfect, try it.


Isnt that chocolate drink enough, why do you want to add coffee too mate? :smile: It really could mess with your sleep if you consume it at night.


I bought some almond extract. Can you tell me how much to add to a full pitcher of Soylent. I’m also going to be adding 2 Tbsp. of Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa as well…yummy!


Oh boy. Honestly, I’ve just been kind of dumping some in until I like the taste. :wink: But I’ll try measuring some out next time I make a batch and let you know how much I use.


I’d love to see a different thread, where it’s simply a list of all the “favourite” flavourings. Perhaps even with a poll. Or is there another project for flavourings (like the Soylent Shipment Tracker) out there, which I’ve missed? This one is simply massive, even when summarized.


I needed a batch for tomorrow, so I added the 2 Tbsp of Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa and 1/2 tsp (it’s in a tiny bottle, so i guess it’s quite concentrated) of the almond extract. I’m letting it “age” in the fridge overnight and will do a taste test tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it turned out.


Sounds great, let me know. I haven’t tried it with chocolate yet, so I’d be interested to know if it’s awesome. :smile:


@alfoders I tried mixing up a batch of Soylent with 1 Tbsp of almond flavoring. It gave it a subtle almond flavor. I could see eating it like that, but I prefer stronger flavorings, so it took 2 Tbsp total for me to get it to where I usually like to consume it. On the other hand, mine is in a much bigger bottle, so I’d guess mine isn’t as concentrated as yours?


I can not taste 1/2 tsp of almond extract, so I guess it needs more. The cocoa was tasty, however. I also added 1 Tbsp of stevia for sweetener. Tastes good to me. I’ll try to double the almond extract on my next batch and let you know how it turns out.


@alfoders The cocoa flavor is pretty strong, so it could also be that you need to add more almond extract than if you were just having almond on its own. Food for thought :smile:


I will have to try Yoohoo. Part of my problem is that it smells like Ensure and then it doesn’t taste like it.


We have caramel syrup where I work, sometimes I’ll put it into my Soylent and it tastes … really good actually. Festive even, lamo.


Tried Soylent 1.3 using cold chai tea instead of water, delicious, doesn’t help with the texture though.


I used tazo chai, a couple of bags in one pitcher’s worth of water, let it cool and then made 1.3 as usual. Good flavor.


Blending in a banana and ice really helps with the texture and grittiness, doesn’t travel well, but if you’re preparing at home it’s a good option.


I tried curry soylent (put some red curry paste into chicken broth, then added to a single serving of soylent) was not good. I tried adding some tapatio hot sauce, not an improvement.

I’d recommend looking up some savory oatmeal recipes and trying those flavorings, but so far I’ve found soylent isn’t meant to be savory.


Thanks for all of the great flavoring suggestions. I just got my first shipment and have been experimenting myself. I have found that 12oz of water, a scoop of powder, 1 1/2 tsp. of oil, and generous squeeze of local honey (I haven’t measured, but probably 1-2 tbs) tastes just fine. This morning I also added the honey with a 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon, and a dash of nutmeg. It tasted great!


I add 2 packets of Starbucks Via per batch. Tastes amazing.